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There is a lot of research and testimony on asthmastory com from people who used Dr. Hahn's research to cure asthma. I had severe asthma for many years and even went into full cardiac and respiratory arrest once. After 14 weeks of Azithromycin @ 1000mg per week I was able to completely cure my asthma despite claims from doctors that it's incurable.

My asthma popped up 5 years ago. I suffered from pain (pressure) in the chest after heavy biking. Even specialists thought it was a bad heart condition. After thorough investigation it turned out to be asthma. I inhale Symbicort (400/12) 4 x per day. The stuff makes my voice hoarse. Still suffering often from chestpain after heavy biking. I now what it is.

Vaseline, using this under the nose to mask odors, and its helping. I use a cocoa
butter version which smells gorgeous and also prevetns my nose / throat becoming dry

i did read this on wiki that once the smell has been removed, the effects caused are also removed. it may be the actual smell rather than the chemicals themselves

Re: Shortness of breath — when it is hot and dry; and right before it rains if it is hot as well. Humidity generally plays little to no role.

Re: Exercise — I find that if I am out of shape, my asthma is there, but if I've been exercising and am in good shape, it seems to go away completely! When I am out of shape, exercising does itself sometimes induce my asthma, but never to the point where I have to stop the exericse.

Re: Shortness of breath — right before it rains it seems to be the worst

Re: Shortness of breath — Exercise/Weather induced. Sprints in cold, dry weather are most difficult.

Re: Exercise — sometime exercise induces my asthma but I have found I can limit its affect by varying the intensity of my workout to allow my lungs some recovery.

Re: Common cold — When I get a cold it can move to my chest then I have trouble breathing / asthma that can last for weeks.