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I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and wondered why the more I exercised the worse I felt and could hardly function the next day! I found/did a liver detox diet for three months, food allergy testing found I was allergic to all dairy[eliminated that] and did find improvement with the increase in sleep. Exercise and house work wears me to a frazzle still and so a little each day is ok with me.

Re: Inflammation due to food allergies/sensitivities — Recently diagnosed with gluten sensitivities and am VERY allergic to any chemical odors and some environmental situations, like freshly cut grass, cigarette smoke, fire pit smoke, etc........

Re: Lack of sleep — For AT LEAST the past 6+ yrs, I've not been able to stay asleep and I've assumed it was related to cortisol levels, since I've gained weight for no other apparent reason. Recent tests confirm this.

Re: Poor diet — I'm a nutritionist that was recently diagnosed with Gluten Sensitivity. That combined with an ill husband takes away my desire to cook.

Re: Hormone imbalance — Undertreated thyroid issues is probably the basis for all of my other homones being so unbalanced/low. I'm certain it all plays a role in my Adrenal Fatigue.

Re: Emotional stress — My husband being terminally ill.

Re: Intolerance to cold — I'm either TOO hot or TOO cold. My dr says it's from cycling between being hyper and hypo thyroid, due to my Hashimoto's.

Re: Insomnia — I generally don't have trouble falling asleep, but do wake-up upto 3 times per night.

Re: Hormonal imbalance — I have Hashimoto's, along with being hypo & hyper thyroid. I cycle back and forth. Plus am very, very low in Cortisol, Progesterone, Testosterone, DHEA and Estrial.

Re: Irritability — My concern for my husband, along with a decline in my energy levels makes me anxious. Tests reveal that I'm extremely lacking in Cortisol, Progesterone, Testosterone, DHEA and Estrial. The lack of proper amts of those hormones are a contributing factor.

Re: Anxiety — It's hard not to be anxious when my husband's health is declining rapidly, with no treatment or medication for his IPF. Although, he is now taking LDN. It's hard to know if it's helping.

Re: Cravings for carbohydrates/sugars — Although I do like sweet things, I prefer salty things and usually rotate back and forth.

Re: Easily stressed — My husband has a terminal condition, Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. This is the biggest cause of my stress.

Re: Feeling tired — I'm not tired all the time, but do not have the amt of energy I should have. Although I exercise at least 35 min daily, I don't feel better afterwards and have been advised to cut back on exercise.

Re: Solaray Adrenal Caps — I have only taken one dose so far (2 caps) and after about an hour, I started feeling great and actually can feel my energy pills working again. I am waiting for an order of Reset-AD, that I ordered online before I realized I could get Solary Adrenal Caps just a block away from my house at the local health food store. They sure do the job for me! I feel great!

Re: Lack of exercise — I have never had the energy to be active in sports, etc.

Re: Poor diet — have never liked fruits and have a restricted vegetable intake.

Re: Strict sleep schedule — without enough sleep I am completely useless during the day.

Re: Avoid stimulants (like caffeine) — caffeine causes hyperactivity and then I have trouble coping as I become stressed.

Re: Easily stressed — I become stressed by even the most fixable things. I try to meet my own demands and deadlines and this usually creates internal conflict with me.

Re: Hormonal imbalance — I had infrequent menstrual periods my whole life. I am now over sixty and am currently using a hormonal cream prescribed by my doctor.

Re: Insomnia — If I did not take my anti-depressants I would have great difficulty in sleeping.

Re: Weight gain — I have been fighting weight all my life. I don't eat excessively even though I have cravings, however, if I do diet my brain becomes very flighty and my ability to cope all but disappears.

Re: Depression — I have been on anti-depressants for 7 to 8 years. I have tried to get off them but after about the 3rd day I am on a very slippery slope and my abilities to cope are minimal.

Re: Poor immune function — I have many allergies with resulting allergic asthma which I have learned throughout my life to control. I do not usually contract colds and flu.

Re: Intolerance to cold — I immediately break out in itchy bumps which I am compelled to scratch frantically. When I warm back up this subsides.

Re: Cravings for salt — I love salty treats but must restrict them because they cause me to have deep muscle cramps which are excrutiating.

Re: Cravings for carbohydrates/sugars — I would eat only treats if I allowed myself. However if I do indulge myself the following day I am even more fatigued.

Re: Blood sugar problems — I will go without eating until I feel exhausted and then no matter what I eat it will make me feel so depleted of energy that I feel drugged and gasping for breath.

Re: Anxiety — I feel anxious about even small things such as scheduling, driving somewhere, etc

Re: Feeling tired — I am tired all the time. I wish I had some energy. The only time I finally get a bit of steam is in the evening when I feel at my best.

Re: Solaray Adrenal Caps — I took them twice a day for a month, and didn't notice any effect.