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Suffered from morning anxiety my whole life. Now take 2 100mg phosphatidylserine before bed and it has stopped it like a miracle. I took wrong pills one night and anxiety was back in force the next morning, so not a placebo. Supposedly works by lowering cortisol.Changed my life!

Has anyone else suffered pudendal nerve damage after prolapse surgery.

I've tried Prozac, Xanax, Passion Flower, dietary supplements, and magnesium supplements...nothing helps.

taurine has been helpful. I take 3 grams per day

Where can I buy seretinen. Do you know who makes it?

Primal Therapy

addressing the original Imprint with Primal Therapy (only at the Primal Center - Dr. Janov).

Anxiety was imprinted by extreme childhood trauma

After 4 hrs sleep, I usually wake up around 2.30am with a racing mind so I turn on the TV in my room, very low, and it distracts my mind. I can usually fall back asleep from boredom as I select an old movie, something bland. I find it comforting.

Found that Paxil (Paroxetine) had an almost immediate, transformative, positive impact on my state of mind. It was like living in the dark my whole life and then emerging into day. Complete remission of my anticipatory social anxiety and the avoidance behavior that accompanied it. After 10 years, I still rely on this drug to make me functional in social contexts. All that being said, the efficacy of Paxil has trailed off for me. I don't have anything like my previous avoidance, but some of the symptoms have returned. Also, my wife, and other folks I know who share some of my anxiety types, DID NOT benefit and still suffered the side effects of this drug. So it is not for everyone and I know that withdrawal from the drug is difficult. I am prone to substance abuse (so could not safely have any kind of Benzo) but have not found Paroxetine to induce anything like abusive behavior. You will likely need a sleep aid to be co-prescribed. I am on Trazodone to counter balance.

Antioxidants are key. Break the cycle of oxidative stress and free radicals and you will likely see improvement.

A regular exercise routine really settles me down. Every second day, I do something cardio related for 30 minutes. Being relaxed at the end of the day as a result also settles me into sleep and gives me a good day after. It really balances me out. Now, if I could only ditch the caffeine...


Bacopa also known as Holy Basil has helped my anxiety more than ashwaghandha. I take half a bacopa pill. The ones I get are green and smell bad...himalaya. But they seem to help me.

someone posted racing thoughts. I have had good effects taking l theanine at night. Racing thoughts keep me awake. L theanine helps me stop them so I can sleep.

Chanting OM (AUM) helped me in a big way.

Here is a website that explains how to chant OM:

You don't need a calm and quite place to do this. I do this while I am driving, and it still works.

Try meditating right after you exercise. A very good one-two punch against anxiety.

What has helped:
-finding the right combination of medication
-taking the anxiety head on in terms of what I could do to help myself (in essence, not letting the drugs be the only answer)
- quit caffeine
-breathing techniques
-learning that you need two friends you can always talk to about the situation
-exercise (moving around, walks, taking my bicycle instead of the car)
-taking part in an activity that has nothing to do with work or errands, rather something that just gives me joy and something to look forward to

I have also started seeing a great naturopath and she has added seretinen and adrenal plus to my supplement intake, after a month of being on them I feel like constant racing of my thoughts has calmed down a little. We will see in the next few months.

meditation helped

What has helped me: meditation (took a free 10-day Vipassana course), Transformational Breathing, yoga/exercise, the supplement L-Theanine. I don't take it that often anymore, but when I accidentally tried it in the now defunct "B-Relaxed" flavor of Vitamin Water beverage, I was shocked at how well and quickly it worked to calm my system down. Then I purchased some capsules at my health foods store, and have kept them on my shelf just in case ever since.

Air conditioning (in the car) reduces my anxiety - especially, if the vent is shooting the cooled air at my face and I'm breathing it in directly. I wonder if it because it produces negative ions, which are thought to improve mood. I think negative ions are produced when it rains too, but I haven't noticed the same effect for myself with rain.

feel like that description

Accomplish things, set a small goal and reach it.
Change yourself and realize that you can do, learn and be whoever you want.

Sunlight, Excitement, Movement (get outside!), surround yourself with similar people, Family, Meaning, Goals, Eliminating fears, Diet - Protein increases serotonin, carbohydrates and bad fats lower it, Remove your anxieties, Prioritize, Change environment, Become independent, Give life meaning.

Increase serotonin, belief in yourself by facing fears and thus eliminating them.
All neurosis and unhappiness stem from low serotonin - increase it and you'll be happier.

Xanax really works but is not prescribed by all Doctors. The major side effect is forgetfulness. Maybe this is how it is supposed to work, though most of my anxiety is caused by things that I com-pulse over. So if i can't remember maybe this is some kind of treatment?

laughing out loud

for some reason being in a car helps. i find the road very relaxing.

Re: Avoiding caffeine, and alcohol - this is basic base camp, a Must if you are serious about beating anxiety. Stop feeding rubbish into your poor brain.

Re: Constant worrying — Uncertainity

Re: Difficulty concentrating — It seems like I am on a mild drug, my thoughts go an come and I know I should remember what I am to do

Re: Racing thoughts — I will be thinking of one thing and start day dreaming of another

Re: Constant worrying — I can make up my mind bout a lot of things in my lief. What is going to be done about a lot of things

Re: Paroxetine (Paxil) — Paxil helped me worry less and it reduced my overall anxiety somewhat, but i feel that it wore off over time. I took it for five years, and it progressively helped less over time. I also had sexual side effects and finally decided to stop taking it.

Re: Medical Marijuana — Marijuana improves my anxiety in the short term, but sometimes it makes me anxious the next day. I did it regularly for a while, and now it makes me prone to rumination. I had to stop. I've found that the type of marijuana you get definitely makes a difference. Definitely don't use a synthetic cannabinoid, those have been known to give me panic attacks. I think it's probably best used under the guidance of a medical professional (I didn't have that option where I live).

Re: Chill Pill Herb Blend — I found this at It's a herb blend that includes something called Ashwagandha root extract. It also has things like valerian, chamomile, skullcap, hops flower, and other things in it. I take 3 (the recommended dose) and it really relaxes me. Plus, it has B vitamins! It has been a major help since I've removed myself from medications. And it's only like $6 a bottle!!

Re: Avoiding caffeine — When I drink caffeine regularly I start waking up nervous every morning. It helps me get stuff done, but it also makes me jittery and anxious. Not recommended for people prone to anxiety.

Re: Meditation — Meditation has been helpful when I've kept up with it. Unfortunately, I don't always do so, and I think it requires regular practice to work. It really can help get me out of my head and help me to focus on the present. It's relaxing.

Re: Spending time with animals — My dog reminds me that she wants a walk NOW! and it takes my mind off my worries :-)

Re: Alprazolam (Xanax) — Xanax really reduces my anxiety before a big presentation or other anxiety provoking situation. Unfortunately doctors are reluctant to prescribe it because there is abuse potential. But, it works the best out of everything.

Re: Yoga — Yoga (especially kundalini yoga, which incorporates breathing exercises) has been a huge help for my anxiety. It makes you more aware of your body and your breathing, and gives you mental and physical discipline. Now when I'm anxious I pay attention to what my body is doing (usually tensing my jaw, shoulders, and breathing shallow) and try to relax my body and breath deeply. This goes a long way towards calming my mind too.

Re: Exercise — I older I get, the more I realize that exercise is vital to my mental health. Daily vigorous exercise (especially heavy cardiovascular exercise) makes a HUGE difference for my anxiety. My body needs this.

Re: Deep breathing — Set my cell phone alarm to remind me to deep breath thats how bad I get

Re: Constant worrying — IS something I cant kick, its making me a mess..

Re: Light sleeper or insomnia — i have the WORST time sleeping when going through anxiety

Re: Feeling detached — Hate this one ): worst experience ever

Re: Desire to escape — Feel like i cant escape myself. Im my own worst nightmare, no matter how bad I just want to get away from it all I cant.

Re: Benzodiazepine withdrawal — Major side effects, scary ones if not done correctly - see The Ashley Manual. For me so far, my side effects are anxiety, panic and no sleep, so I'm not going to quit fast or in any way that messes me up. I have to be able to function!!!!

Re: Benzodiazepine withdrawal — I finally got a book or two about this and discovered the reason I can't get off it is that I am addicted! It takes a long time to get off these drugs and they come with withdrawal symptoms that are difficult to deal with The Ashley manual explains it all and is helping me decide what to do about it. I wish there was a clinic here like she had.

Re: Racing thoughts — I suffer from racing thought's, I don't believe any more that is caused from anxiety, I am starting to believe it is something totally different.
When I awake in the morning it is so bad I can't think straight even after a desent nights rest, or I awake in the middle of the night and my brain has never stopped. Can anyone help with a all natural cure, I heard ACONITUM can do the trick.

Re: Medical Marijuana — I feel my anxiety is definitely and considerably improved as well my mild depression which I attribute to anxiety. You do have to make sure you are taking the right strain of Marijuana, typically Indica's as apposed to Sativa's knowing the right type to take will make a huge difference on whether Med MJ significantly helps or just makes your anxiety worse. Consult a knowledgeable dispensary if you have been prescribed Medical Marijuana as they will typically be able to recommend the best strains that will help with anxiety .

Re: Spending time with animals — Very helpful! Whenever I'm anxious, I give my Scottish Terrier a big hug. :)

Re: Pica (eating, or wanting to eat, things that aren't food, e.g. soil, chalk, etc.) — What is this?

Re: Trouble swallowing — To me this is a feeling like the back of my tongue or my throat has just gotten lazy because it's like sometimes I choke on my own saliva a little bit (not really choke, but you know it makes me cough, etc.) and there seems to be no reason for it. It hadn't occurred to me that it could be related to anxiety. Weird.

Re: Spending time with animals — We have three tabby cats, and if I'm feeling anxious at home, they are like anxiety sponges. Purring instantly calms me. I really appreciate them for their relaxed demeanor, soft winking, and their soft and little furry bodies.

Re: Trouble swallowing — Occasionally I will be in a situation that is causing great anxiety, a presentation, meeting new people, unexpectedly running into people in social situations, and I find that I had trouble swallowing. I'll have to distract myself (e.g. pinch myself hard, take a sip of water, shift in my seat) in order to actually swallow

Re: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy — If I can keep up with it, CBT with a trained therapist/psychiartist really helps. Unfortunately when I can't keep up with it, I just add to my anxiety.