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I have a severe limp due to bilateral hip arthritis that is bone on bone with limited range of motion, but I do not have pain and I walk 4 miles per day and swim about 4 to 5 miles per week.
I am wondering resurfacing worth it if I am eligible to have that done?

Re: Depression — It is hard to accept that we are getting older and we are not being able to practice our favorite sports any longer with arthritic hips (soccer for example).

Re: Hip resurfacing — It will take one year for all of the stiffness to go away

Re: Hip resurfacing — One year ago I had a resurfacing - stiffness only when I do not exercise the joint for more than 3 days - other than that - its perfect

Re: Hip resurfacing — I am 8 weeks post op of hip resurfacing. My arthritic pain from the joint is completely gone. but I'm still having significant pain and sitffness due to the surgery. I am told that over the coming months that will resolve. the pain has gone down enough so that I no longer need any meds and have been able to return to my sedentary desk job--though the MD has asked me to use one crutch until I am 10 weeks post op.