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Just found this dispenser to help me manage my medication. I'm gonna be a beta tester, just needed to fill this up: Cheers

Cortisone injections into joint worked the first time for about three months .the second injection less than a month , the third only about a week . Replacing the hip has left me pain free, and even my back problems have improved .

Knots on elbows go away after Minocycline for months. Minocycline works wonders. Started LDN and having strange physical symptoms. Very stiff.

Re: Low-Dose Naltrexone (LDN) — Upon 1st initial dose of LDN @ 4.5 mg, I was in the middle of a HORRIBLE time with flareup as well as withdraws from Savells (which I am withdrawing very very slowly from) & within a few hrs I actually felt the endorphins kick in & "lighten me up", relax, less severe pain & better mood. I have been on LDN since March 30, 2011 & am finding my right dose at the right time of day/night. I find it frustrating that NONE of my doctors say they have never heard of it & it seems to be the ONLY thing thus far that has no side effects & is actually helping me. It is VERY sad to me that Fibromyalgia patients like me are prescribed a drug like Savella, maybe get a little relief for a while, then all of a sudden stop working & then have the horrid withdraw from it when there is LDN that actually works with no side effects. More people need to take this seriously instead of thinking it is a "fad drug".

Re: Knots on toe joints — 1 knot last joint little finger

Re: Stiffness — morning stiffness and stiffness after prolonged activity

Re: Pain — when flare up severe pain and swelling in hands, on ave day, moderate pain and stiffness, some soft tissue swelling

Re: Rheumatoid Arthritis — I have recently started treatment so I can't tell exactly how much help I will get. I had been very active before all this started

Re: Rheumatoid Arthritis — I think stress was part of the cause of the Rheumatoid arthritis

Re: Pain — severe pain and swelling in some joints

russ darrow
Re: Lyprinol — this is an extract from a green lipped mussel that the maoris in new zealand eat-they have no incidence of arthritis in their group-it has worked wonders for me with no side effects-i no longer "seize up" after sitting for awhile

russ darrow
Re: Vitamin B6 in raw pecans — 150mg vitamin B6 plus a handful of raw pecans daily-arthritic node popped up on my right middle finger and it went away about 3 wks after starting this treatment-i continue to do this and have not had any more nodes pop up-close to a year now