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I suspect that the suggest that pornography, video games or TV would cause ADHD is just trolling. There are studies made which conclude that people with ADHD actually get less symptoms after playing fast video games or watching an eventful movie. Probably since such activities present an opportunity to unleash their hyperactivity with no need to spend energy having to try to focus on a single task.

As for pornography, there is no scientific data at all that supports the notion that it causes or increases the risk of "getting" ADHD in any way. It's as utterly ridiculous as the belief that masturbation causing blindness.

Pornography can cause distractions that mimic the symptoms of ADHD. The effect it has on society is not beneficial, especially not in terms of ability to focus, collaborate, and produce.

Was anyone else offended by the suggestion that pornography, video games or TV could 'cause' ADHD?

There is so much scientific evidence which has demonstrated that ADHD is an inheritable (genetic) condition, if I remember correctly it is second only to Autism in is rates of inheritance for psychiatric conditions, something like 73%. Which is very impressive given the variability of the diagnostic criteria.

Video games and TV etc can't 'cause' a person to have ADHD even if they did cultivate inattention in a person (which they don't). That is like saying someone who never reads and as a result reads poorly has given themselves dyslexia. If a person is dyslexic they may not do much reading, but not all poor readers are dyslexic.

Anyone who claims things like TV, porn, video games etc 'caused' their ADHD do not have ADHD they are just handling their lives poorly and are looking to place blame elsewhere. If they are ADHD and are saying this then they just don't understand themselves enough to realize that the ADHD and poor time management may have Caused them to play to many video games and watch too much tv. They are probably just confused as to what cause and effect mean with respect to such behavior diseases. But even in that case TV, porn, video games etc should not be listed as causes of ADHD. You can't sit a kid down in front of a TV or game console and give them ADHD. I'm unaware of any specific research linking attention to either of these things, they are no different attention wise than listening to a story or playing any other kind of sport or game. Frankly it is idiotic to think these things 'cause' attention problems such as ADHD. They may cause behavioral problems because of their focus on violence or by comparison make reading a book far less fun and entertaining so it may seem like the kid doesn't have a normal attention span to do those task, but that is not the same as causing a decreased capacity for attention. Moreover, video games are very similar to some of the biofeedback techniques being developed to help ADHD.

ADHD gets a lot of crap in the media and it really bothers me when there are such spurious associations which aren't scientifically supported. This makes it seem as if ADHD were preventable or if you just took TV and internet away from kids you would ensure your kid would not have ADHD. This then keeps parents/teachers from recognizing ADHD in comparison to just a kid acting out or being lazy. ADHD sucks growing up because you feel like you are trying your best but somehow everything always seems to go wrong and you don't really know why. You, and your parents and your teachers know you are fully capable of succeeding, ADD kids are often bright and talented, yet somehow things don't get done on time or get misplaced and you always end up in trouble and you don't know how or why it keeps happening to you. It's incredibly frustrating and it becomes far easier to just not try anymore which I think is something that happens far to often and is just wasteful People don't realize how much having a disability greatly increases your susceptibility to experiencing child abuse. Much of this abuse could be prevented if parents could actually understand what is going on with their child. The idea that a kid gave themselves ADHD because they played to many video games is potentially a very dangerous one. I find it offensive that sites which seem to associate themselves with medical help would allow for such misinformation to propagate in such a fashion.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my annoyance at this.

Also as for the exercise I read something about how some scientists think that the hyperactivity of the ADHD is actually a compensatory mechanism to increase blood flow to the frontal lobe and that it helps with concentration. This mechanism has also been suggested to increase performance during fight or flight circumstances suggesting that ADHD may be a genetically evolved trait which is just ill suited to our modern societal structure.

Getting the wrong mate can be a disaster, and I think this is true for everyone. Make a list of "Must Have" and "Must Not Have" Then list what you expect so you can see it often then reconize her/him when you meet. Best advise I have that works:)

Re: Physical exercise — Very helpful.

Re: High intelligence/underachievement — i've been in this category since grade school report cards all said "intelligent...just doesn't apply herself..." in my adult life, i have not been able to stick with any of my interests long enough to become really good at anything.

Re: Adderall — Works better than the Concerta I tried first. For me it helps more with motivation, organization, & feeling less overwhelmed than it does with actual concentration & focus. Also, doesn't seem to work consistently every day.

Re: Adderall — I'm a 55 yr old female, two yrs ago i had gastric bypass surgery, approx. 3 months ago i was diagnosed with add and prescribed adderall, i can not take the time released adderall due to the malabsorption part of the surgery am still working to get the proper dosage and what i can eat or not eat prior to taking the meds, which i take 2x daily at 30 mg each time. I started out on a much lower dosage but did not make much of a difference the new dosage helps tremendously i can now take on a task and not feel overwhelmed by it and actually focus, concentrate and complete it, i also have a feeling of "things are okay" instead of the negative bummed out feeling as though nothing will ever turn out right. Would like to know if anyone else is taking adderall after bariatric surgery and if you have any advice, ect that might be helpful to me, such as best times to take it, meals, ect

Re: Adderall — I'm a male, age 60, with "Tourette's Plus." Adderall provides relief from ADD by making me feel esentially "normal" with few, if any, side effects.

I'd also like to point out that Adderall works well while not working against the herbal preparations I use to manage the "urge to tic" that always precedes Tourette's motor and vocal tics.

Re: Stress — I think stress brings on ADHD like symptoms even in those without the condition.

Re: Talk therapy — This is not an alternative. Cognitive Therapy is part of the treatment plan.

Re: Sleep — Most stimulant medications for ADD can cause sleeplessness.

Re: Sleep — I think a cause of ADD is bad sleep

Re: Difficulty concentrating — Becoming aware of my ADD at mid-life has been hugely helpful in accepting my choices as a natural expression of ADD, rather than condemning my mistakes as the consequences of a scatterbrained life. Although I don't regard ADD/ADHD as a "disorder" I know how hard it can be to function in our hierarchal, linear, industrialized, and product oriented culture if you were born with the brain and nervous system of a hunter/gatherer/explorer. Along with the genetic stamp of ADD came a lot of creativity. Without the right channels of expression and the right environment, ADD does indeed become a disorder. I am also leaning heavily towards the therapeutic concept of "greening" oneself and finding the right "tribe" to hang out with. A deficiency of natural light and the sensory stimuli from extended time outdoors, along with weak and/or broken social bonds can cause the hunter/gatherer/explorer to feel and act like a caged bird (or wolf, depending on how strong the hunter traits are). The problem is, for many of us, finding the space and time for outdoors can be difficult, and although street time and exploration for urban dwelling ADDers may provide a lot of that stimulus, for others the kind of sensory intake they experience from the urban outdoors may be overwhelming. That is true for me, the green wild outdoors of nature is much more therapeutic than the concrete jungles. Finding and/or forming the right "tribe" is also problematic, because where I live in the Pacific Northwest, there a really a lot of diverse sub-cultures along with some very polarized political and religious strongholds, so sorting it all out and creating a group environment that is nurturing, empowering, and inclusive for the hunter/gatherer/explorer types as well as the farmer/builder/trader types has been a mighty task, and I'd rather not be doing it so alone.

Re: Difficulty concentrating — My entire education history has been plagued with abundant energy and creativity. That's right: plagued. Because that's what people labeled my inability to focus or finish and assigned or required task, by veering off-course and pursuing whatever else I was interested in. But I see now how this inability to focus has fed me with secret shame and feelings that I am not smart enough to manage my own finances, be a good professional, and operate within an organization. (I was a chronic freelancer until Jan. 2007.) I am also in recovery, AA to be precise, and digging into the experiences, causes and conditions of that constant state of irritability, restlessness and discontent.