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Back Pain (12,196 members)


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Lower back soreness
Muscle tension
Neck stiffness
Neck pain
Pain in mid- and upper back
Stiff back when standing up
Pain in lower back/ pelvic area
Tightness in shoulder blades
Shoulder pain
Difficulty standing for long periods
Pain on one side only
Difficulty stitting for long periods
Hip pain
Knee pain
between shoulder blades
Lower back striking-electric shock pain
Difficulty walking
siatica down one leg
Dish disease
Pain in hands and wrists
Tension in hamstring
pain on left side
Lumbar Degenerative Disc
under left ribcage
Tightness in glutes (buttocks)
Bad indigestion
Pain from lower spine radiating down to the ankles
Muscle twitching in legs
Pain in lower leg
Pain radiates down one side of the body
Stomach cramping
Back & leg pain caused by symptomatic perineural cysts.
Pain between shoulders and elbows
Thoracic pain
Abdominal pain
Severe neuropathy
Bad burping
Bulging cervical disc
Heel pain
Weakness in thighs
Ruptured lumbar disc
Weakness in right leg
Pinched nerve in arm
Abdominal pain right side
Tingling at right rear quadrant of scalp
Lumps on bottom of feet
Thoracic disc extrusion
Sudden fainting at onset of pain

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