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Re: Humming — I found a case study on pubmed and tried it. It cleared my sinuses for the duration I hummed and I felt the improvement usually lasted at least several hours after. It was hard to adhere to a schedule though without disturbing housemates, etc. I do wonder if sound/vibration is really necessary though or if maintaining controlled slow exhalation would be sufficient.

Re: Guaifenesin — It really helps to thin mucus and allow sinuses to drain. No side effects taken as a supplement too strong in drug form for me.

Re: Diluted vinegar and peroxide irrigation — I noticed some others not having success with this treatment, I'm using only 1 tsp of vinegar (ACV) and 1 tsp of 2% hydrogen peroxide in 1 cup of saline solution. It works well for me. If you mix it too strong it will probably worsen your symptoms.

Re: Diluted vinegar and peroxide irrigation — One of the most effective I've tried. My doctor cautions to not over use or use too strong of a solution, as it could possibly lead to loss of smell.

Re: Vinegar mist inhalation — Use ACV (Apple cider vinegar) helps open sinuses