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Chronic Daily Headache (395 members)


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symptommember ratings (num votes)
Literally have a headache, to some degree EVERY day
Pain in different parts of head
Pressure or squeezing feeling
Wake up with headache
Pain in the temple to top of head
Pain may spread all over head but the pain is always worst in one certain spot
Sensitivity to sound
Brain fog
Pain under and around eyes
Pain at top of head, center
Pain behind right eye
Light sensitivity
Pain in right temple
Always a different type of pain, it can vary from day to day or from minute to minute
Pain behind left eye
Pain arousing from sleep in early morning
Pain from temples to under ears
Constant pain in rear center of head
Pain over right eye
Pain always in the same location, radiating from the same spot, up the head and sometimes down the nose and behind the eye
Pain worse upon arising, but then starts to improve
Plugged ears
Loss of balance
Upset stomach
Blurred vision
Right sided aura & foggy

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