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Hi nice to meet you, am mike jefferson. am a physician with the united states military. i know you are suffering from a few disease that some doctors like myself will tell you it cant be cured, but i have to come to let you know some sickness can be cured through alternative medicine and faith , you just have to try and i assure you its going to work for you. if you are interested or you have any question to ask just send me a mail at, but if not you should
just ignore it .thanks

I had severe SI dysfunction/Symphasis Pubic Dysfunction with hip dislocation after having babies. Four months ago I found a chiropractor who practices DNFT technique, she was able to realign my whole body and I could begin exercising again to strengthen the muscles that hold me together! Then I began doing a dvd program; Ballet Beautiful. It has helped me regain core stability and strength in my hips/stomach and pelvis without hurting my upper back and shoulders.

My Rheumatologist had me start taking vitC and it made a world of difference in the amount of bruising I have. I had low vitD levls and supplimentation really helped a great number of things. My Neurologist put me on Alpha Lipoic Acid for Dysautonomia and it made a world of difference for me.

Re: Nerve damage/injury — I wake up in the mornings with numb or tingly, heavy feeling arms. I often have to use one hand to reposition the other into a position that realigns my shoulder socket as it dislocates (fully or partialy) many times a day. WHY? I have not seen a doctor so I do not know whats going on with my shoulders. Oh, and my hips slide out of socket too when I lay on my side and occationaly when I walk.

Re: MSM — I truly believe that it has helped me feel much stronger and increased my stamina significantly. I take it in a mixture with Glucosamine and Chondroiten (sp?). I feel like I have energy I never had before. Surprised by this outcome. Additionally, I had sore joints in four places, and I no longer experience that pain, or if I do it is minimal at worst. Significant improvement after just a week, with initial changes in three days. Taking three capsules once a day.