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Eye Floaters (7,716 members)


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symptommember ratings (num votes)
Specks moving in field of vision
Floaters that look like strings
Dry eyes
Sensitive to bright lights
Feeling of seeing something move out of corner of eye
Moving blobs of blurriness
Vision changes
Halos around light sources
Small, moving, translucent circles
GERD or Reflux
tripping over objects beneath my feet
Epiretinal membrane symptoms
Superior Vitreous detachment
Macular Pucker
bumping into things
need to read each word, not able to scan or speed read
vision jumps when reading
convergence insufficiency
sensation of eye trembling when eyes are closed, left side
losing objects in field of vision
not recognizing aquaintances faces
sensation of looking through a wavy screen
sensation of eye zooming in and constantly refocusing like a camera
Floaters in shape of a an incomplete circle
not seeing important details
mazes, word searches, tracking all very difficult now
Flashes of light
objects entering periphery startle me, flinch back
inability to scan/ register surroundings, like tunnel vision with blurry edges
cannot scan a store or process categories/sections
feeling of losing the big picture
blinking slower on left side, slightly slower
smaller eye left side
smaller pupil left side
Eye pain
Objects seem to appear and disappear while moving slowly
Dark spot when focusing on an object, like the effect seen after a camera flash
auras without the migraines
Seeing sparkles, like glitter thrown in face
Temporary blindness
vitreous tears
Temporary inability to see colors
Seeing waves moving at bottom of field of vision
Seeing lightning bolts moving across field of vision
Eye accommodation
Sclera thinning

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