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A person has to be unbelievably dedicated to achieve a 100% gluten free diet. Every single bite of food that goes in your mouth must be questioned - and you need to know the exact ingredients to be certain that it is gf. Many restaurants do not know the exact contents of their sauces and dressings, especially if they are corporate chains and the sauces arrive pre-packaged. Things like maltodextrin, soy sauce (used as a marinade at a Mexican restaurant I went to!), some forms of vinegar, and "natural flavors" can all be indications that gluten is present. One cannot be too careful.

can any body tell me whether iam suffering from gluten in tolerance?

Re: Eating Seitan (pure wheat protein) — I eat wheat products all the time and have no symptoms. When I eat seitan my stomache pain is terrible and lasts a couple of hours.