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Too much coffee with chocolate gives me heartburn. So does too much oatmeal. A banana probiotic (freshly ground) flaxseed smoothie relieves my heartburn.

Re: Prilosec OTC — I've used generic omeprazole and it eliminates acid much better than other things I've tried. The box says not to take it for more than 2 weeks at a time, though, and to take several-month breaks between these uses, which worries me.

Re: Apple cider vinager — This "treatment" is based on the theory that the stomach doesn't have *enough* acid, and is churning more than usual because of it. So if you put more acid in your stomach it will settle down. Not only is this hypothesis incredibly stupid and unscientific, the stuff tastes absolutely horrible, and when I tried it, it just made things worse. It did feel a little better, temporarily, maybe because of production of alkaline saliva? But within minutes, the heartburn came back, even worse than before.

Re: Large meals — Eating a large meal *prevents* heartburn for me. Not eating enough causes heartburn. I wonder if this is a symptom of hiatal hernia?

Re: Gaviscon — This works better than the Rolaids/Tums type stuff. It has alginic acid which forms a barrier, and it supposed to have less of the of the active ingredients? I wonder if alginic acid by itself would help?

Re: Heartburn — "Heartburn" is a symptom of Heartburn? o_O