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My personnal blog about hemorrhoids in french :

Is it hemmorroids?

Re: Pain or discomfort — Itching and pain

Re: Bleeding — Bleeding sometimes after excreting

Re: THD — It was hard to find a physician in my area that did this procedure, but I found one four hours away. It is minimally invasive, outpatient surgery. All the hemorrhoidal arteries and prolasping areas are simply sutured. They slough off and are replaced by scar tissue. I was instantly free of the curse I have been living with for so long!!! The surgeon my primary care physician sent me to wanted to do stapling, which has a moderate complication rate and chops a ring of intestine out - above - the hemorrhoids. They all pressured me to do this. There was no bowel clean-out prior to the surgery, I ate normally before and after. The minor discomfort afterwards was easily controlled with a few days of Rx. I am so happy I did what sounded right to me and didn't listen to the doctors pressuring me! This is called Transanal Hemorrhoidal Artery Ligation, abbreviated THD or DG-HAL. The procedure has been done in Europe and Asia for over 10 years, but is only now becoming accepted in the US.