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Just found this dispenser to help me manage my medication. I'm gonna be a beta tester, just needed to fill this up: Cheers”

Doctor had me on satin for 8 years. (226 readings) Recently having memory loss. Since my parents, relatives lived to 90 sharp as tacks, I was shocked to read that the FDA was going to require warning about memory loss on satins. Stopped taking satin, gone to highly restricted diet. Hope to recover. Anyone else have this experience?

I've heard that CoQ10 helps with muscle pain if you're on Statin drugs. Statins deplete the body's supply of CoQ10. Check with your doctor first, but it may help.

I have been on lipitor, and question some memory loss, where I go to say a word and I can't think of a simple word. Very conserting. Am wondering if anyone else had noticed their memory loss. My sister is also on Lipitor and she too has noticed the same affect. Just wondering.

Re: Policosinol — No changes

Re: Fish oil — No benefit. Finally had 100% blocked artery on LVAD artery, thus heart attack. DO NOT rely on fish oil to save you from cholesterol- I tried it for 3 years and almost died in 2009 at the age of 51.

Re: Lipitor — On Max dose of 80mg. Only slight cramps occasionally for 2 weeks, then none for last 10 months. Dramatic reduction in LDL- down to 61 from 130 (with Vegan diet). total cholesterol now at 103, down from 225. Well worth it (if you have prescription insurance)

Re: Statins — I had severe pain in the left front side of my neck (from my left eye down to the middle of my chest). It felt like the muscle was exposed and was so sensitive to touch. I was only on it for three days, and it took two weeks for the pain to go away. My doctor told me to stop taking it.

Brian Lee
Re: Blood test showing elevated cholesterol — I have no pain, just high cholesterol in tests.

Alex Sicre
Re: Niaspan — Horrible flashing /skin burning side effects that last for a few hours. But it did lower my triglyceride levels 30 points and raised my good cholesterol 10 points.

Alex Sicre
Re: Tricor — No side effects. Lowered my cholesterol 45 points or so. Also made some changes to my diet.