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Taking Glucosamine 1500mg. & Chondroitin 1200mg 1 to 3x a day (prn) & MSM 1000mg (prn, however much your body needs away) to stop pain unless exercising vigorously which I can no longer do. I take MSM instead of ibuprofen. I usually take 3000mg. a day but you can start with one & add more prn. Initially I took a 15,000 mg. IV dose recommended by my homeopathy doc. This helped with the Scleroderma pain before I was put on prednisone to stop continuous sinus infections.

Re: Hip replacement - worked completely for my right hip. I just had the left hip replaced two weeks ago and recovery seems to be going faster this time. I'll post again when I know whether the recovery is complete.

Re: Cortisone injections — wonderful relief

Re: Pain when sitting for too long — walking relieved pain

Re: Acute local pain — lying flat usually relieved pain cortisone shot relieved pain