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Re: Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) — I sero-converted for HIV in 1983. By 1989 by CD4s were plummeting, and I was told I had about eighteen months of relatively good health. The only HIV treatment at the time was AZT monotherapy, which had huge side-effects and limited efficacy. I started on LDN, and saw my CD4 counts rebound. I don't remember having any side-effects. My CD4s remained very close to completely stabile for eight years, during which I had excellent general health. When viral-load tests became available, my load stayed at about 10k. At year eight, my local doctor convinced me that "everyone knows LDN doesn't work," and that I must be one of the people whose genetic makeup prevented disease progression. I heard what I wanted to hear, and stopped LDN.
Eighteen months later, my CD4s had again plummeted, and my viral load had skyrocketed. I restarted on LDN. This time, although I got another CD4 boost, and saw the viral load drop, my CD4s were not quite as level - they declined faster than before. That lead to starting on HIV anti-retrovirals in the fall of 2006.
It's a shame I stopped the LDN. At the initial eight-year-rate of CD4 decline, I would not have had to think about anti-retrovirals, with their dramatic side-effects, until the year 2012.
Today, I stay on the anti-retrovirals and LDN.