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Hello everyone out here, i want to share my testimony of this grate herbal doctor who cure me of herpes with his herbal remedy. i never really believe on herbal remedy,but i have been hearing and also seeing it on the internet but i don't even bother to read more of it until one that i was browsing through the internet and i saw a comment make by Mr Ryan on blog spot about (please pardon me to use this language) one so called grate herbal doctor that have the herbal remedy to all manner of STD. so i was thing about it and i said to myself that i should it a try but their was another thing that wanted to discourage me which was he was from Africa Nigeria precisely he told me not to worry and trust him with my life that he is going to cure me permanently and their will be no side effect in future, i actually have a very good rethink of it said let go on with. i have to send him the money for the material he will be needing to prepare the herbal remedy and he did it and send it to me through courier delivery service i got it and i used it the way he instruct me to after three weeks i went for test and i was confirmed herpes negative please everyone should help me thank Dr Oduku for saving my life..if anyone have any issue do not hesitate to contact him via email once again thank you very much Sir.

Hi nice to meet you, am mike jefferson. am a physician with the united states military. i know you are suffering from a few disease that some doctors like myself will tell you it cant be cured, but i have to come to let you know some sickness can be cured through alternative medicine and faith , you just have to try and i assure you its going to work for you. if you are interested or you have any question to ask just send me a mail at, but if not you should
just ignore it .thanks

What do you think of hpv

Re: Cryotherapy — Pretty good, removed warts on hands and fingers without any side effects.

Re: Unprotected sex, without condoms — Unprotected sex with an infected person is generally the way serveral strains are passed from person to person.