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Yes, I tried botox before. For BIG money really short effect (around 2 months). I want to try Electro Antiperspirant too, but I don´t know where to buy it. I found 2 sites, here: and here Where you bought it???

Has anyone tried botox for hand sweat?

Hey! Me too. I recommend Electro Antiperspirant as well. It is something what helps if you suffer excessive sweating. I really don´t know how? But it is working..incredible!

I discovered on the internet Electro Antiperspirant device. I sweated for years on the hands and feet. This device rid of me sweating after 5 therapies. I am very satisfied and happy. I recommend for everybody.

My hands and feet have sweat excessively since i was 7 yrs old. As a teenager I also had excessive underarm sweating, but that decreased in my 20s. I tried drysol on my underarms in my 20s - that helped a lot and I actually hardly sweat under my arms at all now. As for my hands and feet, relief has been more difficult. Glycoprolate (sp?) hardly helped at all and resulted in extreme dry mouth. I have an iontophoresis machine and using it causes dramatic improvement, though I have to use it several times before seeing effects and it is painful. Once it works I have to keep using it weekly, and dealing with the water baths is a pain. Right now I am working on improving my diet (no refined sugar, dairy, or grains) and taking Omega 3 supplements. I've seen moderate improvement so far, but I've only just started with this regimen.

I have excessive sweating of head, face, neck, no other areas, my head is wet and it is embarrassing, I just started taking Glycopyrrol 2Mg in the morning, have not noticed much difference, wondering if need to increase dose or just need it to build up in my body? I have tried so many different ways to stop this sweating, I really am hoping this will work for me.

I have extremely sweaty hands and feet. My hands soak paper, I have trouble grabbing things (e.g. doorknob). Sweat drips from my hands in humid weather. I really hate wearing open toed shoes and heals because my fit slip around in them from the wetness. I have to make sure the sole has suede or something that can absorb moisture.

Glycopyrrol did help somewhat, but the amount I had to take to have an effect resulted in extreme dry mouth. Ultimately the small effect it had on my hand sweating wasn't worth the side effects. Recently I've been meditating, and I've also noticed that my hands have been less sweaty lately. Maybe it's because I'm less anxious now (I also suffer from anxiety).

Re: Excessive sweating — Heavy sweating of face and neck. No other excessive sweating in other areas. Hair is wet about 2 to 4 inches from scalp when eating, drinking hot drinks, alcohol, light to moderate exercise, in stressful situations, warm or hot temperatures, sleeping, or just doing nothing. Make-up and hair styling is difficult. Hugging is an embarrassment.

Re: Glycopyrrol — I've taken Glycopyrrol for around 10yrs now. The side effects I've had are obiviously the glycopyrrol stops the excessive sweating to a cetain extent (this medication is becoming more and more expensive). I have dry mouth most of the time but learned to live with it. I've also noticed that sometimes my vision gets a little blurry and my contacts dry out alot quicker when I'm taking glycopyrrol, but over all I think the side effects that I noticed are alot easier to deal with then hyperhidrosis.