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Would like to hear from anyone who uses LDN for treatment of Hashimoto's. I'm getting ready to try it and would like to know how its working for you.

Just found this dispenser to help me manage my medication. I'm gonna be a beta tester, just needed to fill this up: Cheers

Over the years with this condition, which runs in my large family, different doctors prescribed Synthriod which didn't work. Finally a doctor mentioned"that medication doesn't correct a T4 problem" and prescribed Armour which corrected the problem. (Made from pig thyroids....yukkkkk....smells awful...but works) Mostly importantly, the medication has to be taken in the morning at least 30 minutes before a meal or it doesn't work. Many patients are not told how important that is.

Re: fatigue - from a mild loss to complete exhaustion without much of a reason.
Re: weight gain - pretty much more and more over the 25 years since I got diagnosed with Hashimoto's.

Re: supplements - many hypothyroid patients with Hashimoto's (auto immune) also suffer from B12 deficiency. Since I have regular B12 shots (pills have poor absorption) I do feel better as without it the body can't use iron from food.

Gluten free diet has made the biggest difference. Especially helped with fatigue. Highly recommend trying it. Also, I highly recommend reading Dr. Kharrazian's book: Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms? When My Lab Tests are Normal.

If you are expereincing acne (cystic type) after being diagnosed and starting medication -synthyroid or thyroxin and your t3 and t4 levels are normal consider
switching the meds to DYE FREE (white pills only). It can get a bit difficult with certain doseage but it is worth it. My acne was so awful I lost three years of my life. It took me this long to realize it was the medication dye as I had so many other secondary issues with this disease. Alergy tests did not identify the problem as they tested the drug and not the dye (what makes the pill coloured)

It took about one week of dye free medication to change my skin back to what it was. My skin stopped itching and burning without anymore stabbing pain. My pores reduced to normal size, there was no more oil deposits leaving a film on my skin and zero outbreaks.

My skin is clear again and I can go out and not look like a freak and hide my face.

Don't disregard this if you are having the same problem. One little change could give you your life and confidence back!

I pray it works for you!

Re: Fatigue — intermittent loss of energy

Re: Armour — Armour Thyroid was the only thing that worked for me but I also have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis which is an autoimmune disease. I am going to a clinic that does chelation of heavy metals, nutrition, yeast detox etc to get to the bottom of WHY I have this problem. Hashimoto's is a disease and Hypothyroidism is a symptom. Most doctors want you to take Synthroid and it is synthetic and did not work at all for me.

Re: Genetic — My mother and both grandmothers had thyroid issues.

Re: Weight gain — Posted over 19 lbs quickly and nothing seems to be slowing it down. Even cut food consumption by 1/3.

Re: Levothyroxine — only thing I've tried. Energy was better after diagnosis. Plenty of energy to do the things I want to do. Just nothing extra. Could be age related, which is what I thought was the original problem.

Re: Cytomel / Cynomel + Levothyroxine — only thing I've tried. okay I guess

Re: Memory loss — taking longer to recall peoples names or words during conversations

Re: Fatigue — mild loss of energy

Re: Fatigue — mild loss of energy

Re: Hot-flushed cheeks — occasional rosy cheeks

Re: Brain fog (difficulty thinking clearly) — frequent feeling of spacieness

Re: Hormonal deficiencies — Early menopause

Re: Hot-flushed cheeks — not necessarily hot, just very red circles next to my nose, kinda itchy, usually worse in the am

Re: Hot-flushed cheeks — nothing much, it's been happinig for a couple of months now.

Re: Hot-flushed cheeks — during a certain part of the day, normaly early afternoon my cheeks become very warm and red. Should i be concerned?

Re: Synthroid — Recently switched from Levothyroxine to Synthroid and have noticed no difference.

Re: Levothyroxine — I definitely have had more energy due to the medication but have not had any weight loss and still having a devil of a time getting any weight to come off without taking extreme measures such as excessive exercising and calorie reduction.

Re: Subacute hypothyroidism — subacute hypothryroiditis (ism) caused me havoc! Would like to see it studied!

Re: Genetic — Hypothyroidism runs in every generation of females in the family and would like to see study if I am the only one!

Re: Dry, rough, pale skin — have vitaligo as well whic makes my skin paler on average.

Re: Celiac — What is coeliaki? Google showed many german websites for this term.

Re: Cold intolerance — I get so cold in the wintertime, that my bones ache painfully and I can't seem to get warm even with many layers of clothing and blankets.

Re: Fatigue — pure exhaustion after sleeping for 12hrs!

Re: Vitamin D deficiency — This association has been observed in a few studies, and deficiency is associated with other auto-immune conditions. It's worth eliminating as a risk factor, especially since it's easy and cheap to do so - see "Vitamin D" under "treatment" category.

Re: Vitamin D — Note to administrators: it would be nice to have a separate category for prevention, as some diseases (especially auto-immune related ones such as hypothyroidism) seem to be "one-way doors" - once you have 'em, you'll always have 'em. Most auto-immune disorders are associated with latitude, sun exposure, and Vitamin D status (obvious overlap). If you have a family history of hypothyroidism, make sure you correct deficiency. Check your serum 25-OH vitamin D levels (NOT 1,25-OH vitamin D) before and a few months after starting supplementation. Your target should be at LEAST 40-80 ng/mL (100-200 mmol/L). If you're adult-size, this will probably require at least 4000 IU per day, especially in colder/darker months. This is no guarantee that you won't develop auto-immune thyroid dysfunction, but can reduce your risk, and is an easy, cheap intervention to make.

Re: Levothyroxine — Also tried thyroid supplements from Whole Foods - don't think this helped. Seems that this casued the swollen throat feeling I've had lately. Not like a sore throat but more like, as the doctor described it, a "globular feeling". It was like my thyroid was actually enlarged. This made me cough. Seems to be better now that I've stopped taking the supplements. I think they were animal source.

Re: Levothyroxine — difficult to say. After diagnosis I could see and feel positive changes. Lately I don't know if it is helping.

Re: Inability to cool down — I often have a very difficult time cooling down after overheating from walking or other exercise

Re: Memory loss — Have all the symptoms but levels still show within normal range - very frustrating - does anyone know of other tests or avenues that can help?