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Re: High prolactin — I'm taking bromocriptine to reduce the levels and going for my first IUI after a laproscopy/excison of endometriosis turned up negative. I still have terrible lower right quadrant pain and recurring cysts on my right ovary, as well as Crohn's.

Re: Hormone imbalance — went through fertility treatments for 2+ years (been ttc for 5+) - never experienced pelvic pain until after the 1st round of tamoxifin (similar to clomid) - complained of ovarian pain/painful intercourse - told i had a simple or funtional cyst, normal, will go away - even after 1 mo. of bcp's it did not. docs just ignored continued w/5 more IUIs - unsuccessful - sought another center for IVF - told them about my concern w/the pain - just ignored - 3 IVF cycles later - unsuccessful - no more ins. $$$ - still in pain increasingly worse - finally another RE doc. properly diagnosed me w/endo - did a lap. was told "...would have never gotton pregant w/insides like that" NICE - totally !@#$% over!!! almost 2 yrs. after lap - no preggers, pain returned 7 mos. after lap now on continuous bcp's - seem to help for the most part... good luck all - BE PERSISTANT!!! YOU KNOW YOUR BODY MORE THAN THE DOCS!!! Since all this, I've found out that fertility drugs are known to make endo symptoms worse...

Re: Endometriosis — Have done 2 cycles of IVF. First one was cancelled part way through and turned into an IUI. The second one produced 4 embryos. Two were transfer and two were frozen. The two that were transfered did not take. We've been trying to get pregnant for six years now. Will be going in soon to try again with our two frozen embryos.

Re: Temperature tracking (BBT) — I'm not even trying to get pregnant, and BBT tracking helped me understand so much what was going on with my hormones and when/why I may ovulate versus miss periods.

Re: Hormone re-balance through nutrition — YES, definitely works. I take the women2women vitamins and they made me regular instantly. Now, I'm not trying to get pregnant so I can't say for sure, but I can tell you the vitamins and herbs gave me a perfect looking cycle. I'm just happy to be hitting my period again.