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I finished reading Dr. Eric Braverman's "The Edge Effect". He proposes that imbalances in neurotransmitters cause a whole host of problems, including insomnia. I took the survey in the book, and it has me as serotonin deficient. Trying some recommended supplements now: Calcium, Fish Oil, Magnesium, Melatonin, Niacinamide, GABA, Vit.C, Passionflower, Zinc. On the first day taking these I had a good night's sleep ( waking up early was my problem) for the first time in a long time.

Dr. Craig Brooker, MD
Harvard Research shows Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBTi) is the best known treatment for insomnia ( when compared to medications, both in the short term and long run. Many follow up studies have confirmed this. Accordingly, CBTi is endorsed as first line therapy by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine ( as well as Consumer Reports (

CBTi can now be done online by Cleveland Clinic-trained, board certified Sleep Medicine physician, Dr. Craig Brooker, MD at Best of luck!

I wake up at least 2 times during the night to pee. I'm 22 and am in great health and I can't figure out what to do. Even if I dont drink a lot of fluid during the day and eliminate all drinks after 6pm...Any thoughts?

I'm mystified. My problem is waking up too early, and/or frequent wakefulness, but I'm not usually tired the next day. There is no consistent cause, nothing I've tried produces consistent results. I always go to bed at the same time, very dark room, quiet plus white noise, various teas and supplements before bed, and still wake repeatedly after the first 3-4 hours. Sometimes can't get back to sleep at all.

keep food/sleep diary then after wakeful night avoid foods you ate night before..after restful night repeat that meal.
so far sweet potatoes really improve sleep, MANY foods seem to prevent sleep eg: spinach, spices esp cinnamon, chips & snacks, pineapple, cheddar cheeese etc.

Exercise - yoga, cardio,swimming, walking..anything but best early in day rather than later.
Get out in the sun first thing in the morning and spend at least 30 mins outside. Something to do w/circadium (sp?) pattern. This is a biggie - most folks are vit D deficient. Enjoy the sun. Move to Arizona if you have to.
Magnesium. Calm drink.
Drink lots of water but no later than dinner, unless you want to be in and out of the bathroom all night.
Find yourself a Japanese wife/partner and have your head massaged w/warm oil before you sleep (coconut has a nice aroma too). Have sex with wife/partner frequently or find another outlet. I'm working on that one;-)
Finally, don't take yourself too seriously. Have a good belly laugh at least once a day.

Read a very boring book ; it certainly helps if you haven´t got other big worries. If you have got big worries, try melatonin but you can´t take it more than four months in a row and then you need to take a break. You need to take melatonin every night at the same time, before 11 pm.

Eat a huge meal full of fat , carbs and protein ; 1 hour before bed.
This will help significantly!

my insomnia is related to my need to urinate several times during the night
taking an antiacid before bed has kept my bladder less acidic and lessened my need to urinate

eft is extremely useful to turn off the thoughts about the day that keep you awake at night. It takes about 3 minutes to do's free.. google eft sleep

Re: Difficulty falling asleep at night — Simply cannot fall asleep until ridiculously late hours.

Re: Pramipexole (Mirapex) — No side effects, I can sleep again. I have just to plane when I want to sleep (2 hours delay to be effective). I use 0.52 mg LP and 3*0.18 mg at sleeping time.

Re: Waking up during the night — I wake up at the same time every night (3AM) Say awake until 5, alarm rings at 6

Re: Meditation — Meditation relaxes me really well, but it didn't help my sleep. My meditation technique is rather energizing, though, so it works wonders in the morning!

Re: Waking up too early — I sometimes wake up an hour or two too early. For the most part I enjoy that time of solitude and quietness before the hurrying of the day takes over.

Re: Kavinace — Excellent. I take two before bed and within 15 minutes I am fast asleep. I awake refreshed, no longer dreading the mornings due to insomnia.

Re: Sleep tracking with Zeo — Glad to hear you found the Zeo useful. I am strongly considering purchasing one.

Re: Magnesium — Can someone explain to me why magnesium helps you sleep better?

Re: White noise while trying to sleep — I've found that I'm very noise-sensitive. The white noise drowns out a lot of the early morning noise that didn't make me aware I was being woken up, but affected the quality of my sleep a lot.

Re: Sleep tracking with Zeo — Three sleep studies showed 0% SWS. I had mild allergic symptoms from the buildings/rooms where the studies were conducted which caused abnormal sleep. I know this from the videotape I made of the last two sleep studies. I had videotaped my sleep at home about 100 times, so I knew what a "normal" nite of sleep looked like. There were obvious major breathing problems and gaging, even though I didn't wake (that I was aware of) during the sleep studies one of wich was titratring a cpap). I never had those kinds of problems at home. I talked with the doctors about the problem and they totally disregarded that information. The cpap I use is Respironics bi-pap, which provides a readout of apnea and hypopnea, and also has a computer readout to show the length of sleep and the exact time of apnea and hypopnea episodes. My experience was that even when the apnea and hypopneas were controlled well, I still was not rested or functioning well during the day and often the cpap seemed to result in worse quality sleep than not using it, which the doctors also said impossible. I most often have used nasal pillows for the cpap, but also tried an oral cpap mouthpiece too. The oral mask caused major gagging, especially if I slept on my back, and fewer gaggings while on my side. (The gagging was obvious from videotape).

Then along came ZEO. It proved that the sleep was indeed often worse with cpap than without it. It also showed that even though the Respironics use chart showed use hours, the actual sleep hours were far fewer. ZEO also showed that I was indeed getting some SWS.

I have tried to monitor sleep quality with the ZEO as I tried differnt sleep strategies. One thing that seems to help is ibuprophen or aleve to help with pain from inflamation or arthritis. Sometimes tylenol helps but not nearly as much as ibuprophen or aleve. gabapentin (Neurontin) at bedtime and benadryl often help with all sleep parameters.

Ambien, Lunesta and Sonata are helpful a little, but only when I can't get to sleep or get back to sleep. I don't use them often.

In conclusion, ZEO shows the total amount of sleep, REM, SWS, light sleep and wake time with quite good accuracy (per documented comparisons with actual sleep lab results). It does this at home, which may be very different than the sleep labs, especially if you have an allergic reaction from the sleep lab environment. BTW, my subjective experience was that there were only very minor allergic symptoms in the sleep labs, but the videotape clearly showed major gagging, which I never had at home (except while sleeping on my back with the oral cpap, which causes major mouth and throat drying resulting in very thick mucous in my throat(.

Re: Drink more water — I was dehydrated and didn't know it!

Re: Mind racing — My husband claims a mind can be turned off for sleep but mine never turns off even when I am able to sleep

Re: Sleeping partner disrupting sleep in some way — Partner snoring keeps me awake

Sister Rose
Re: Turn off TV and read — only for falling asleep- if i try reading after waking up mid-night, it doesn't help

Sister Rose
Re: Meditation — I am just starting down this road- downloaded a meditation tonight, but decided not to give it a chance until tomorrow, because I took my ambien already tonight and want to be fair to the download... I am positive about it working! Good attitude towards it!

Sister Rose
Re: Diphenhydramine (Unisom, Benadryl) — This used to knock me out, and make me groggy the next morning, and that hangover effect was why I didn't like it. Now I can take it without sleep-inducing effects as the antihistamine it is meant to be- and that's usually fine, unless I don't have anything else to take for sleep

Sister Rose
Re: Tylenol PM — Same comment as Advil PM

Sister Rose
Re: Advil PM — It only works, and I only used, very temporarily. I think the marketers make it clear that these drugs aren't to be used or effective as long-term solutions.

Re: White noise while trying to sleep — I have tried NPR podcasts turned down low. So it's pretty calm talking but really low and you can turn it down low enough that you can't understand what they are saying it just soothing.

Re: White noise while trying to sleep — a fan usually works for me ... It doesn't really help me fall asleep but it seems to help me stay asleep

Re: Meditation — i do chi gong meditation in bed before sleeping every night. it works wonders

Re: Hand Warming Biofeedback — Hand temperature has a high correlation to sleep (ie rise in temperature predicts falling sleep). New research demonstrates that learning to to raise your hand temperature by using biofeedbck before going to sleep, reduces sleep latency. Seems to work for me.

Re: Eliminate caffeine — Do this really need any explanation? At least don't take any(coffee, tea, cola, energy drinks, etc) after early afternoon. And if you stop altogether, watch out for caffeine withdrawal! It's real, and real unpleasant, trust me. Have the ibuprofen or acetaminophen handy...

Re: Melatonin — Try to fix other things first (no caffeine, quiet/dark sleep conditions, consistent bedtime, etc). Then try melatonin.

Re: Rozerem (Ramelteon) — Generic name ramelteon - this is basically patent-able melatonin. They made cosmetic molecular changes and slapped a hefty price tag on it. Are there any head-to-head trials of ramelteon vs melatonin? Not that I know of. Might as well try melatonin first, and skip rozerem if it doesn't work.

Re: Fish Oil — I've found that taking between 2000 and 3000 mg of a good quality EFA Fish Oil pill at night makes a huge difference in my quality of sleep.

Re: Meditation — I found a sleep meditation for free download on iTunes that works wonders. It is found on the MeditationStation. I can tell a major difference when I listen to the meditation and when I don't. The meditation is about 20 minutes long and that was daunting at first. But compared to how long I usually toss and turn, 20 minutes is nothing. I suggest giving it a try. It can't hurt!! :D