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Pounding Head
Nagging pain in one side of head
Photophobia (sensitivity to light)
Pulsating, Intractable Pain
Sensitivity to flashing lights
Trouble concentrating
Feeling like head is going to explode
Phonophobia (sensitivity to sound)
Pain in/above one eye
Neck Pain
Extreme pressure/throbbing behind eyes
Neck muscle stiffness
Sensitivity to movement
Headache that gets worse turns into migraine
Sinus Pressure
Head pain upon waking
Trouble communicating
Continuous migraines one after another
Desire to cut out front upper quartile of head
Occipital Pain (pain at back of head)
Blurred Vision
Shoulder /Back Pain
Aura / Seeing flashes of light
Vertigo / Dizziness
Scalp/temples very tender/sensitive
Sensitivity to Smell/Odors
Intense throbbing on both sides of head
Mood Swings
Sensation of blood rushing and pumping in head
Starts at night while sleeping
Eye pain
Extreme fatigue preceding a migraine
Uncoordinated, stumbling, unsteady
Chocolate / Sugar craving
Feeling hot, then cold, in cycles
Changing pattern of migraine over years
Carbohydrate Cravings
Cold Extremities
Head feels "tight" all over
Sore spots on head
Loss of Appetite
neck tightness preceding migraine
Sensitivity to fluorescent lights specifically
Feeling Cold
Short term memory loss
Vivid Dreams
migraines more common when on your period
Icepick/Lightning headache
Headache worsens when head is lowered below heart level
Flu-like feeling all over
Band of pain across temples
Tinnitus / Ears ringing with repeating noise
Sensitivity to Touch
12 to 18 migraines a month
head feels foggy proceding migraine, like a cloud in your head
Aura, Scotoma without pain
Several days of non-migraine headaches leading up to migraine
Excessive Yawning
Intense pressure pushing outwards
Frequent nasal "allergy" symptoms all the time (not just during migraine)
chronic daily headache
Feeling foggy, disconnected after migraine
Blotchy vision before migraine, like looking into the sun then away
toes freezing cold
Sensitive to tight clothing
Appears like the room has split in two/looking through a broken mirror
People's faces replaced by mosaic pattern
Switching tasks frequently to avoid thinking about pain
Aftermath was hyperalertness and heightened senses the next day
Jaw Pain (TMJ)
feet freezing cold at night
Pale Face
msg, monosodium glutamate
Eczema (even when you don't have a migraine)
Scotoma / Blindspots in Vision
Using computer screen causes confusion
Feelings of Detachment
Slurring Words
Hurts to put my head on a pillow
Extreme sleepiness about an hour before the pain begins
Feels like top of brain is electric
feels like hot wax dripping on my brain
Dull throbbing pain like a stake is positioned from back of right eye to the back of my neck.
Acute confusional migraine
Buchholz diet prevents migraines
Pain moves from one side of head to other side
Mind Racing
Twitching Eye
Seeing tiny dots all around before migraine
nose freezing cold
tightness/ pulling sensation of scalp on opposite side of migraine
wiping my eyes to clear my vision
Feels like you can't move your body, but you could if you concentrated hard enough
upper body gets very cold when falling asleep
smell of burning rubber prior to migraine
feeling of rocking, swaying when stilll
Numb or tingling fingers/hands/arms
carotid artery throbbing
Sensitive to scratchy clothes
Long term Memory Problems
Feeling of cold in the cheek on the opposite side of the head affected by the migraine before or after migraine begins.
Migraine lasts for a week
Extreme sleepy-ness a day or 2 before pain
Corn, corn based foods
dull ache in in front of head after taking ibuprofen and my vision returns to normal
swollen eyelids - one sided
Lentil beans
Symptom "Amnesia": repeatedly having the same pre-symptoms & not able to recognize its a migraine (but those who know you say "it's a migraine!")
Feels like my brain is bleeding
Wavy visual disturbances
Lost ability to read
hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) during and after migraine
Eyes want to shut, as though one has been crying for months
Sexual arousal
Craving for heavy greasy foods like french fries.
Severe Insomnia before (cannot sleep for 32 hrs+)
Shooting, sharp pain from behind eyeball to back of head before migraine
being on birth control pills
Hands get very hot
Intense repetitive thoughts (counting, spelling, etc.)
Feeling of eye being swollen
Diarrhea or Bowel Incontinence
floral smells
BCP's help &/or lessen migraines
Paralysis on one side of the body
Smell of burning, especially matches but nothing is burning.
Watery Eyes
Excessive Urination
Crave carbs before migraine
Tightness above both eyes
Weakness in arms and legs
Vomiting Bile
While with cruise control on 67mph my vision disappeared and my voice seemed to be coming from a very dark place-no light. I also did not feel attached to my body. I could not swee the road ahead or the car around me.
Lower leg numbness
craving protein
Dry Eyes
Burning eyes, hard to keep open
Floating Colors
Aphasia / Inability to speak
Feeling hot to the touch
Uncomfortable to sit or lie down. Need to pace.
just started seeing broken lines going around outer eye that are blue
Feeling of full bowels, even though they are not
Feeling of heavy weight sitting on head
rocking motion alleviated by passive motion
Extreme Focus and Productivity before migraine starts
Runny Nose
Excessively talkative
Tooth pain
Begins with dull ache at top of head
fluid in ears
Eye Drooping
Craving Trigger Foods
Seeing 'snow' or 'static' in central vision
Pain starting in shoulder and moving to head
Hormonal Imbalance
Unquenchable Thirst
mal de debarquement syndrome
Pins and needles on one side of scalp/face
feel like my ears are bleeding inside
Body aches several hours before migraine
Olfactory Hallucinations
Itchy head
Metallic taste in mouth
Pressure/hurting nose before migraine
Clammy Hands
Sensitive molars when chewing food
burned skin feeling
Smelling bacon cooking - and there is none!
Back muscle spasms/rigidity
Tunnel Vision
Sneezing before migraine
Ears suddenly get hot to the touch and appear bright red before a migraine
Scalpel / cutting sensation on forehead
Dreams of being constantly in motion
Nasal mucus changes before migraine / stuffy nose
Hotspot on top of head
Thick Saliva
Tingling Lips
Elation / Intense energy
Having the urge to do extreme things before migraine starts
Near-Syncope / Fainting
Formed Hallucinations
Tingling in neck/shoulder
Constant burning sensation in one area of head
Numbness/tingling in one side of body
Feeling of shards of broken glass pushing from inside head out
Seeing a bright shadow coming out of words when reading
Feeling of neurons going crazy
Synesthesia more noticeable before migraine
Inner Ear Pain
Crackling feeling inside head
Drooping/numbness on one side of face
Feeling of "echo" head
Double Vision
Extreme sensitivity to Tyramine
Sensation that arms or legs are not part of body
Trouble Breathing
Facial tightness up to 24 hours before migraine
Alice in Wonderland Syndrome
Starts out feeling like an ear ache
Loss of ability to taste food
Feeling of fluid on back of head
Nystagmus (involuntary eye movement)
Basal Temperature Drop
Single pupil dilation
Ascending numbness, from hands to arm to head
Essential Tremor
Pain in one complete side of body
Burning coal sensation under eye
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
Temporary Paralysis
Itchy tongue on same side as migraine
Excessive ear wax before migraine
Itchy teeth on same side as migraine

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