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I eventually had a disc fusion (C6-C7) which has enormously improved my neck pain, though I had residual soreness and discomfort. Keep exercising, stretching, moving after such a surgery! Be sure you've removed the source of the original problem, if any. I've found walking and heat packs on my shoulders/neck to be enormously helpful, and more recently feldenkrais physical therapy has really helped as well. Now virtually pain free.

I was diagnosed with cervical spondylosis in 2009 after 3 years of neck pain. I was initially told that it was probably just muscular pain due to 2 x bike accidents however after years of pain my GP agreed to send me to a pain specialist who immediately diagnosed me after x rays. Since then I have had 12 cortisone injections in my neck(3 each side of the neck twice) and they helped enormously. Not a pleasant sensation.... extremely painful to be honest but worth it in the end. I also use amitriptyline(muscle relaxant) 50 mg per night and voltarol as and when its unbearable.

Re: Yoga — a big help!

Re: Muscle tension — When yawning in the morning, I felt a blocking sensation and felt pain whenever I swallowed

Re: Sharp pain in neck — It developed about 1 month ago, and I think it's from my bad neck posture during my working with computer. If I use the pain relieving pad on the neck, it doesn't relieve at all. Recently my sight became bad as being older, that made my neck psoture worse during work.

Re: Gyrotonic — I did not have any pain before I started Gyrotonics. I did private Gyro lessons for 1 12 hours 1-2 X/week and now am having severe neck pain for about 10 months. I quit Gyro about 6 months ago and do not think it is the sole cause, but have heard a few other second hand stories of similar problems.

Re: Tingling in Arm — achiness / numbness

Re: Sharp pain in neck — I have had multiple severe neck and back injuries. Two car accidents, multiple head injuries. It took 8 YEARS to find a doctor to xray my neck. How insane is that? I was told there was "nothing wrong", that it was muscle tension due to my (I still have anxiety problems, but not nearly as bad as I thought). The pain levels drove me to averaging maybe 3 hours of sleep a night. I was projectile vomiting up to 20 times a day. I was suicidal, because the doctors would not believe there was a physiological cause. Wow, My neck, disks AND vertebrae are SEVERELY ADVANCED already, at age 38.

Re: Acupuncture — I'd like to try this.

Re: Traction — I use chairs to do a headstand that lets my head hang.

Re: TENS — I would be interested in knowing what this is...

Re: Sharp pain in neck — I do get sharp pains though they are intermittent.

Re: Neck stiffness — I do get severe neck pain, but it is intermittent.