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1) Taking magnesium helped (either malate or glycinate)
2) Daily deep tissue massage of calfs, shins and feet, using golf balls for feet and fingers or massage tools for calfs and shins eventually solved the problem

Re: Walk around — doesn't help me at all

Re: Apply pressure to toes — this just causes everything to lock up worse for me--my pain is often in the shins and the feet with my toes spreading in different directions.

Re: Hot water — must immerse legs in very hot water until relieved

Re: Curling toes — i find it very painful most nights cant sleep walking around bed room most of night tryed tonic water but dosent do any thing for me

Re: Hot water — Hot water running directly on lower legs relieves pain within 30 seconds--remedy 100 % successful for me--tried at least 20 times

Re: Total muscle lock in both lower legs — very hot water relieves pain in less than 30 seconds--low doseages of quinine may be effective--haven't tried enough times to know