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Is walking speed an indicator of wellbeing?

Your health, good or bad, can be measured by your walking speed, according to researchers at the Duke University. Check out this new study:

The study is free and easy to join. Simply download the 6th Vital Sign mobile app free from the iTunes Store, answer a few questions, and take a two-minute walk. Participants can get useful information about their own walking speed, and also be part of a bigger study that establishes walking speed norms across ages, genders, ZIP Codes, and countries. For more information, visit

Just found this dispenser to help me manage my medication. I'm gonna be a beta tester, just needed to fill this up: Cheers

Do you have a lot of weight to lose? If yes, and you've hit a block with a very low calorie diet have you looked at ketogenic diets? Ketogenic diets are very low in carbohydrates, but are high in fat and moderate in protein (80% fat, 15% protein 5% carbs). These are therapeutic diets and have been used for decades for epilepsy and more recently for metabolic syndrome, obesity, cardiac management and cancer remission.

Volek and Phinney are both researchers and have coauthored several excellent books. Since you are an athlete, I'd suggest the one titled: The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance." Or do a search on "Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet" to find a lot of information quickly online.

I became morbidly obese about 13 years ago, gaining a 100 pounds in a couple of years for no discernible reason. So I understand completely that 'eat less, exercise more' is a worthless phrase for people who have 'done that' and gotten all the wrong results.

I've done umpteen diets, plus thyroid meds, etc with zero weight loss. I can lose calories, not pounds. It's been a 13 year battle so far but I haven't given up hope of untwisting the mystery.

I discovered a couple of years ago that I am a silent Celiac and am intolerant to both gluten and casien (diary protein). That may be a clue as to why most diets won't produce results for me. I appear to be very intolerant to specific carbs (grains in general) and after reading the studies on ketogenic diets, it's possible that I am really intolerant (now) to most carbohydrates.

That continuous search for something that works has led me to Paleo (best diet for Celiac's) and finally to Ketogenic Diets. So I'm doing the studying necessary to put together a Ketogenic Paleo meal plan that eliminates out the foods I know I am sensitive to, so we'll find out if that makes a difference. I'll post here after a few months if I get some positive results (aka lose an appreciable amount of weight)


after months of slow fat loss and plateau my endocrinologist put me on a very low calorie diet (800-1200 kcal a day). In addition I exercice 3-5 x a week. After losing 20 lbs in 2 months I hit plateau again.

Before that I modiefied dietary approach and kept going to the gym. Those 2 variables are not the problem, I always managed to lose weight like this but now it is not working.

Any recommendations?
Please stay away from the popular "Diet & Exercice". I honestly know quite something about it as I study fitness for more than 5 years..

may thanks in advance.

PS: Cortisol and Thyroid levels seem normal, I had a blood test. Liver is perfectly in shape. Just have a big time vitamin d deficiency and started supplementing yesterday.

Re: Paleo diet — I dropped to a BMI of 21, body fat % decreased to 12%, lipid profile is optimal, HbA1c dropped to 4.9, inflammatory markers all decreased to low normal, weight stabilized without calorie counting, appetite and hunger re-regulated, oral health improved, diet is economical, easy to shop for and foods are desirable - no desire to "cheat" after 1 1/2 years

Re: Lower back pain — If I go long periods of time without excercise my lower back hurts and gets stiff.

Re: Accumulation of excess fat — Being heavy. I am at my heaviest now!

Re: Lack of exercise — no motivation to exercise

Re: Swollen ankles — looks big and my shoes does not fit

Re: Shangri-La Diet — I lost quite a lot of weight with this diet, that I haven't been able to lose on any other diet, including WW, Atkins, FenFen, etc. I found that different brands of light olive oil go down better than others. My quality of sleep improved, my hair is softer and shinier, and my skin is softer, and no where near as dry, my elbows are no longer cracked and painful.

Re: Shangri-La Diet — The Shangri-La diet, invented by Seth Roberts, involves drinking measured amounts of extra-light olive oil or sugar water an hour before or after consuming any food or drinking anything that has a taste. I found the SLD an effective appetite suppressant, but you have to keep doing it for the rest of your life or the weight comes right back. It can also be a little inconvenient, a little nauseating, and works better for some people than for others.

Re: Ephedrine+Caffeine — The "ECA Stack" is a combination of over-the-counter drugs used to reduce weight. The letters stand for Ephedrine, Caffeine, Aspirin. Many medical studies have found ECA or EC in combination safe+effective for moderate weight loss. The FDA banned the use of ephedrine in supplements due to adverse effect reports in the general population but you can still find ephedrine available over-the-counter as an asthma medicine and I believe the benefits of ephedrine+caffeine for obesity still outweigh the risks. I have been taking 30 mg ephedrine and 200 mg caffeine per day for the last 3 months and have lost ~7% of my bodyweight, almost all of the loss from fat. My bodyfat percentage is down from over 23% to around 20%. Those who are worried about the alleged cardiovascular risks from ephedrine should read this followup study:

Re: Genetics — Genetics: Both parents died young from cardiac arrest. My mother died age 42 (first heart attack), and my father died at 57 (3 heart attacks). Both were 2 pack a day Pall Mall smokers and moderate to heavy drinkers.

Re: Exercise — My daughter gave me one book on wellness and my cardiologist co-authored another book on longevity. After reading both books I was inspired to finally address my state of being over weight. (242 lbs, BMI 33) After years of yo-yo diets and hating exercise the light finally when on for me. I decided to get off my butt and do something about my exercise routine (or lack of it) My other goal was to improve my eating habits by eating healthier and curb fast food consumption. I knew I was heavy but never took the time or had the interest to pursue a remedy. I belonged to two health clubs, but rarely went to either. I hated exercise. But by looking at a body mass index table in one of the books it became clear where I was on the table and where I had to be to be at normal weight. The first step was envisioning what I would look like at 180 lbs. Once I had a goal in mind and a plan (exercise and diet control) the rest just kind of fell into place. Bottom line, I achieved my 50 lb weight loss goal in 27 weeks purely by do-it-yourself methods and without the aids of pills, special diet food plans or personal trainers. I’m living proof that the combination of exercise and eating healthy does deliver weight loss results.