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Has anyone tried 18 grams per day of myo-inositol for OCD? Didn't see it in the stats. That surprised me after reading this on Wikipedia:

It looks like its just a type of sugar that's half as sweet as sucrose table sugar (so like half a can of Coca-Cola in sweetness) and relatively harmless. Even better: It's over the counter and available in typical vitamin/supplement stores. (Though, 18g sound like it would make for a very gigantic pill.)

+1 for breathing techniques.

learn breathing techniques--biofeedback is great. i think we often get on a mental traintrack headed in a negative direction, and as we do, our breathing becomes fast and shallow

Does anyone know if ADD stimulant medication makes OCD worse?

Re: Cognitive Behavior Therapy — A gradual process, but ultimately very, very helpful.

Re: Complex internal mental rituals — Some numerically oriented rituals; vicious circle of rituals related to not thinking ritually about stuff.

Re: Lip picking — since i can remember i have obsessivly chewed and picked at the skin around the inside of my lips and mouth it gets to the point where it hurts unfortunately that makes me want to do it even more its an ongoing cycle and i wish i could stop i try keeping a toothbrush with me and brushing everytime i feel a strong urge to pick, i use carmex, i suck on mints or chew gum all day. these only help a little and i stilll catch myself with my fingers in my mouth trying to tear off pits of skin.

Re: Remeron — 15 mg/day (+ effexor 75mg/day + klonopin 2mg/day); 2nd day of treatment only [for OCD /and/ social anxiety disorder]; + tegretol 400 mg/day for the complex partial seizures

Re: Effexor — i) 75 mg/day: no effect (1 month) ii) 150 mg/day: no effect (3 months) iii) 150 mg/day + Klonopin 2 mg/day: a 2-month-long burst of disinhibition followed by "no effect"

Re: Paxil — paxil was the worst for me. at the time i was really angry with a now ex-friend, and i was thinking about slashing her tires! i had really strange dreams too, but then again i always do.