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I have hip osteoarthritis (genetic, age 51). Have had pain for 8 months. Treated it with ibuprofen, moderately effective. The stopped ibuprofen 6 weeks ago and took more omega-3s (increased from 2.5 to 5 g/d), 3 g glucosamine, 200 mg Boswellia extract (5-Loxin), and 2 g tumeric extract (Longvida). Pain is almost completely gone and I run every other day now and ride dirt bikes on weekends. Hooray! Let's see how long this goes well...

Re: Hyalurenic acid — I had injections in my right knee at an orthopedic clinic. There is a series of three, one each week. That was at the end of December, early January. The pain in my knee joint completely disappeared. I have a slight recurrence now, but nothing like what it was before the injections. No side effects. I am now getting the HA series in my left knee, which has worsened noticeably. I've had two so far and see noticeable improvement, although not complete relief yet.