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I saw news about a new procedure on curing Ovarian Cancer, but I am not sure if I could share the link on here. It's in the Bay Area and they show how this woman has terminal ovarian cancer and now has hope on being cured. I sure hope this new procedure helps her out. I just thought I should share this.

Re: Green smoothies, simpson oil — Look simpson oil up on Youtube or at Similar derivatives have been studied in other countries with promising anticancer results. One man cured his aggressive brain cancer with it, and I'm guessing I can do some good with the ovarian cancer also. The green smoothies are another form that work well in tandem, for more info contact me.

Re: Visualization, hypnotherapy — I tried this because I was feeling pretty bad when I first got the diagnosis. I needed to stabilize my emotions. I have my next chemo appointment on monday, and today I am meeting with my hypnotherapist, to do a guided imagery session for the chemo. I'll see how it helps, can only say right now I'm sleeping better as a result of this treatment.

Re: Walking and yoga — If anyone wants more information on this please let me know. Would be glad to discuss it. I can only say that cancer appears when the body systems get very far out of wack, and the walking and yoga help restore basic functioning, breathing and relaxation.

Re: Initial symptoms are mild, easily overlooked — There has got to be a way to detect this in the early stages. My first idea- can dogs be trained to detect it? They detect seizures before they happen, and other cancers, I think. There has to be some kind of detectable imbalance.