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I have to turn away from the TV when the news talks about a stabbing, rape or murder. I can't watch a movie or TV show with violence in it--it sends me right back
to that dreadful night of horror!

I use to have wonderful dreams but now I have horrible nightmares & I wake up

I still replay the hour long attack everyday & I am so scared for my life when he is

Has anyone found a medication you can take while you are in the midst of the type of panic attack where you would sell your soul to make it stop, I've tried Valium and Xanax but Xanax is so so so addictive after detoxing from it I can't take it again (big warning) obviously I need to combine other therapies when I'm not suffering extreme panic and anxiety but what can I do to relieve the suffering?????

I started to experience orthostatic hypotension more and more after Panic Disorder really started affecting me. It happens to me at least 3 times a week now, lasting longer than when I first noticed it. It can almost be a problem at times now. Any one else experience this?

Re: Therapy — Cognitive-Behavioral Therapay, specifically exposure therapy, worked well for me. It can be expensive however.