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Agree with the comment about computer time - also eyes much worse

i recomend Cetaphil to wash the skim, a dermatologist recomend me and its very good.

As a web developer I spend all day working on a computer. I find that I'm redder after spending hours starring at a screen. When I go away for a few days on holiday my skin is calmer.

Re: Antibiotics — Two months of Doxyferm cured me. No side effects. However: I changed to an electric razor at the same time. I think both helped. A lot.

Re: Flushed face — I get this in combination with burning skin. I also get splotchy on my neck and chest.

Re: Pimples — They aren't the same as the acne I got when I was a teen. They are more like tiny blisters.

Re: Antibiotics — No results.