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I made a spreadsheet of actions/changes to make to lifestyle in order to fully heal the skin.

I'm in my 6th week, it's working well.

Please find enclosed the link to the document on my google drive:

Good luck

i'v had sd when i was around 17. im 26-7 now and have no problem about my skin,thanks to using sebbitar (QV) regularly. however i really suffer from my nose redness. after using cortisone and Clotrimazole they turned to be Telangiectasia.
for now im using senssibio h2o for cleaning make up and sebium refiner. i take a shower every day. its the best option for your hair loss. be careful! after that your body needs a moisturize lotion. when my dandruff vanished completely,my dr. suggested me to use some simple anti dandruff shampoos .
i'v heard about kelual ds and senssi bio ds. i will appreciate if somebody have any experience of using them. which of them are better?

i have ds when i was 17. I'm 26-7 now and have used many kind of treatments. about 2 years ago my dr. recommended to use coal-tar. the best and beneficial

To say that SD gets me down is a massive understatement. I have suffered with it for more than twenty years and on a year by year basis it just gets worse - can't remember a time when my face looked normal. Everything I have tried either does nothing or makes it worse. There appear to be some people that do well with some treatments but would seem to be very hit and miss. Everything is worth a go but don't get your hopes up.
I would really like to offer some helpful advice but to be honest all I can say is get used to it.

I have Seb Derm on my face but I don't have an oily face.I also have Rosecea.I have not met anybody online w/ my type of Seb Derm.I would like to have a discussion on these topics w/ anybody who can relate.

This makes you smell like coal. :(

Re: Scaly, flaky skin — I met a dermatologist in Belgium who diagnosed my SD and suggested I try a face cream called Kelual DS, it works very, very well for me. They also make a shampoo of the same name, with which I've had mixed results.

As far as I know, those products are not available in North America. I tried to buy some in Canada and couldn't find it. You could try and order online and see if it works for you.

Apple cider vinegar also seems to have a beneficial effect. Funny enough, the Kelual cream has a vinegar scent to it....

Re: Scaly, flaky skin — To the first poster especially... have you tried natural remedies? I have heard countless people say that white distilled vinegar or apple cider vinegar applied topically to the affected areas are supposed to work very well at inhibiting the growth of fungus and yeast that contribute to SD. I have also heard people rave about using (diluted) 100% Tea Tree Oil to help combat SD, too. I would strongly suggest you try both. What do you have to lose? They're both incredibly cheap and can be bought at any grocery store or local health food store. I regularly use diluted white distilled vinegar (I got at the grocery store for under a dollar) on my scalp before every shampooing and it has completely cleared up my dry/flaky dandruff. P.S. Try raw manuka honey, too.

Re: T-Gel shampoo from Neutrogena (0.5% Coal Tar) — Daily use keeps rash to minimum

Re: Scaly, flaky skin — I believe Accutane gave me smilar conditions to you. After i stopped i got seb derm and then rosacea.

I have been going though heaps of treatments.

I know use elidel cream to control redness (see side effects). I use clonodine to help with blushing (50 micrograms 2x a day). I use cetpahil cleanser and moisturuser. I am starting Red Light Therapy with an LED RED UNIT i built myslef soon to reduce redness and sensitivity of face. I have cut back on alcohol and sugars. I also use raw honey to cleans once a week (leave on for 3 hrs and wash off).

All this has led to a managable condition.

Also hairloss in eyebrows controled with antifungal cream.

All the best.

I am posting regularly in the rosacea community chat site. Feel free to join. My name is WhyMe?

All the best

Re: Demodex mites — Just a guess, based on web search. It is worst upon arising in the morning.

Re: Scaly, flaky skin — It all started for me in 2000 when I was a happy, outgoing 16 year old with everything to live for. I had a massive outbreak of what I first thought was teenage acne on the T Zone of the face. I went to the doctor first who gave me a variety of drugs that didnt work, and then went to the dermatologist in 2001, who diagnosed me with SD. She gave me all the usual stuff, the Nizoral, Ketoconazole, the steroid creams etc, but all they did was make the condition worse. In 2002 I was put on Accutane (the worst decision of my life) which at first cleared the pimples (they later came back when i ended the treatement) but dried my skin so there were thick layers of crust all over my face, while also making me look even more like a tomato. Anyhow, since 2003 and coming off Accutane I have gone from treatement to treatement, dermatologist to dermatoligist, trying to find a way of controlling this disease, but to no avail. My condition is basically as so: I have a big square on my forehead, and the butterfly region around the nose that is covered in SD redness, pimples, and worst of all dry, scaly crusts of skin. The worst believe it or not is the dry crusts, which are un-moisturisable (if there is such a word). For a while I found a solution for the dryness (not the redness) using some products from LindaSy, but just my luck, 2 months after finding it, the company closed down. I am now back to square one. The worst thing of all is that because of my constant dry crusts, it is impossible to cover up my condition with a cover-stick, or dare I say it as a guy, make-up or tinted moisturiser. If I could only find some form of pre-wash oil (which LindaSy provided with a face and body oil) or a moisturiser that could penetrate my dryness, then I would at least be able to cover up my unsightly condition. Anyhow I am waffling on now...I am 25 now and I am a recluse. I have no job, I hide from everyone, I have lost all my friends because I never go out. I used to be the best looking guy at school, and every girl used to love me, but now I can't even look at a person in the face. Life is a bitch, and I just wish there was something out there for my face that could at least allow me to control SD, even if a cure is impossible. Thanks for your time.

Re: Apple cider vinegar — Prior to wetting hair, massage about half a teaspoon of ACV into scalp. Let it set at least 5 min. May burn a bit the first few times of use, but ride it out. Shampoo 2-3 times. Will produce a subtle, unpleasant cheese-like smell, but 1-2 weeks of daily use usually cures even the worst cases. My condition highly exacerbated by chocolate, so it can come back with poor diet choices.

Re: Rash on face — I have suffered from seborrheic dermatitis for about 4 years mainly around my nose eyes and lips. I tried several treatments over a 3 year period but all seemed to have little affect. In the last year i have been treating myself on a daily basis with Tea tree oil from Coles ( about $9 per bottle ) and a 1% cortison cream called DERMAID available over the counter from the chemist ( about $14 a tube ). I noticed result within a week of starting the treatment and now i rarely have any symptoms at all. I still treat myself at least 2-3 times per week just to be sure. This has been fantastic for me as i had become so self concious about it and at times it would become so inflamed that it would be rather painful. I hope this is of some help to others that suffer from this condition. It's worked for me and it's relatively cheap. Goodluck