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What do you think causes (or caused) your Acne or makes it worse? For each cause or trigger listed below, check Y or N to indicate whether you think it either causes, caused or triggers your Acne or makes it worse. Your responses are saved automatically.

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Uncategorized (53)
Makeup Y | N
Washing face too much Y | N
Washing with harsh soaps Y | N
Hormones Y | N
Stress Y | N
Pica Y | N
Lack of sleep Y | N
Too much face touching Y | N
Anemia Y | N
PCOS (Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) Y | N
Hormonal Imbalance Y | N
Sugar / Inflammation from sugar Y | N
Dairy Y | N
Vegetable oils (too much omega 6) Y | N
Caffeine Y | N
Toxic diet/lifestyle Y | N
Supressed emotions Y | N
Sun exposure Y | N
Leaky Gut (Intestinal Hyperpermeability) Y | N
Hyperkeratinization Y | N
LOCAL Linoleic Acid Deficiency (Omega-6 GLA) Y | N
Gluten intolerance Y | N
Not washing face enough Y | N
Oily skin Y | N
Genetics Y | N
Dry skin Y | N
Zinc Deficiency Y | N
Prednisone Y | N
Sweat Y | N
Pressure of resting face on hand/knee Y | N
Too much B12 Y | N
Chocolate Y | N
Excessive Zinc supplementation Y | N
Fast Food Y | N
Low level systemic inflammation Y | N
Ingrown hair Y | N
Micronutrient deficiency Y | N
Mold/bacteria in household Y | N
Constipation Y | N
Slowed gut motility Y | N
Eggs in diet Y | N
Clogged pores Y | N
Alcohol Y | N
peanut butter Y | N
Smoking marijuana Y | N
Pork Y | N
Vitamin D deficiency Y | N
Gamma Linolenic Acid Deficiency Y | N
spicy food Y | N
wrong skincare routine Y | N
Infection (flu etc) Y | N
corticosteroids Y | N
Soda Y | N

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