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Peter, would love to hear your story, can we connect ? Thanks


Can someone please provide more information on Dr Jelter and how she treats ASD Kids as regards EMF and PEMF ? Are there any testimonials we can read or speak to ?



Dr. Jelter had been treating autism by reducing wireless radiation for several years with remarkable results.

Her protocol is to simply turn off the wi-fi and cordless phone base station for at least 12 hours at night. One non-verbal child spoke a full sentence (he has never even said a word before) after 3 days of sleeping with lower wireless radiation.
Do it manually or use a simple light timer.

Nice to finally have a simple, cheap and effective protocol.

Lowering the level of electrical noise and wireless radiation and adding anti-oxidents restored balance to my nervous system (which was completely overloaded). Think of it as electrical interference.

Reducing electrical noise levels (especially at night) will help unload the sensory system

Martha Herbert from Harvard looked at the EMF research and wrote a 100 page document with 550 citations about the know EMF symptoms and autism.

The rise is wireless radiation matches the autism rate - I don't know of any other environmental factor that has changed at the same rate.

The next logical step is to reduce exposure to wireless radiation and electrical noise - that needs to be done in your household, especially the bedroom:

Nice summary of autism and EMF links:

The environmental trigger that our family responded to most was removal of dirty electricity (electrical noise) and reduction in pulsed digital radiation (wifi, cellphones cordless DECT phones).
The theory is that noisy electrical fields cause the cell membranes to go into "freeze" mode. Then they don't detox as well.

In retrospect, if I had measured and removed dirty electrical and pulsed radiation first, I may not have had to chelate the kids to remove heavy metals.

We are 100% recovered, although still electro-sensitive. (which I actually think is good/normal - like animals).

Re: Vaccines — My son definately went down with a crash after MMR vaccination. Severe intestinal pain, so bad he didn't want to eat. he has been underweight ever since. At now 13 years of age he doeant speak at all so you can't ask him how things feel but absorbtion of food is an issue obviously.

Re: Genetics — I guess a predisposition to hypothyroidism, or family history of same.

Re: Cod Liver Oil — Cod liver oil made my son siezure. Any polyunsaturated fats are a problem

Re: Glutathione — We used the topical cream. We ended up stopping and seeing no change in my son. I suspect the IV may work better, but it is so invasive.