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What do you think causes (or caused) your Back Pain or makes it worse? For each cause or trigger listed below, check Y or N to indicate whether you think it either causes, caused or triggers your Back Pain or makes it worse. Your responses are saved automatically.

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Stomach crunches/exercise Y | N
Bad posture Y | N
Sex Y | N
Too much exercise Y | N
Injury Y | N
Jerks or jerky motion. e.g., braking suddenly while driving Y | N
Overweight Y | N
Weak Abdominals Y | N
Spinal Stenosis Y | N
Endometriosis Y | N
Spinal Kyphosis Y | N
Congenital musculo-skeletal deformities Y | N
Computer use Y | N
Sitting motionless Y | N
Lifting Y | N
Bending at waist Y | N
Standing for long periods Y | N
Yoga- "the chair position" Y | N
Thyroid Disease Y | N
Herniated Lower Vertebrae Y | N
Tiredness Y | N
Cervical Spondilitis Y | N
Driving seat position Y | N
Stress Y | N
Fighter jet high-G forces Y | N
Walking Y | N
Osteoarthritis Y | N
Surgery in abdominal cavity Y | N
Low grade gram negative bacteria Y | N
Joint hypermobility (e.g., Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) Y | N
Sleeping position Y | N
Lumbar Radiculopathy Y | N
Dessicated Disc Y | N
Mattress Y | N
Carrying heavy things without regular exercise Y | N
Syringomyelia (Syrinx) Y | N
Ankylosing Spondylitis Y | N
Breast weight Y | N
Rib dislocations Y | N
Pregnancy Y | N
Myeloma Y | N
Osteoporosis Y | N
Primary Lateral Sclerosis Y | N
Sciatica Y | N
Car accidents Y | N
Horse related trauma Y | N
Falls/trauma Y | N
Heavy Metal Toxicity Y | N
Candida Y | N
Rheumatoid Arthritis Y | N
Scoliosis Y | N
Prolapsed Disc Y | N
Enthesitis Y | N
Keeping forearm bent forward for some time Y | N
Sacroiliac Joint Malfunction Y | N
Pancreatitis Y | N
Weight lifting Y | N
Waterskiing (especially pull-out) Y | N
Bicycle riding position Y | N
Multiple Sclerosis Y | N
Fibromyalgia Y | N
Poor posture on couch Y | N
Poor ergonomic situation Y | N
Airplane travel Y | N
Weight loss Y | N
Multiple, large, congenital perineural cysts. One with "valve", many without (Tarlov cysts). Y | N
psoriasic arthritis Y | N
Myofascial pain Y | N
driving for long periods Y | N
major kidney surgery Y | N
internal scar tissue Y | N
constant discontent Y | N
chair without lumbar support Y | N
herneated cervical disc Y | N
weather Y | N
Herniated disc Y | N
explosion in war Y | N
Amputation Y | N
Stroke Y | N
guillain-barre-syndrome Y | N
amoebic-dysentery/ Y | N
cerebral-palsy Y | N
Cerebral edema Y | N
Graft Vs Host Disease Y | N
Pectus carinatum Y | N

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