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How to Use Twitter to Spread Your Message

Getting your message out is the biggest challenge in the crowded online space. Using Twitter has helped us at CureTogether (, and it can help you too. Here’s how.
1. Follow conversations about your cause
At, you can search for any keyword and see what everyone on Twitter is saying about it, live. It’s a great way to find people to follow that are interested in the same things you are.
2. Be a real-time presence
When you see a conversation about your cause, you can jump right in and be part of it. A live response is a great way to diffuse any negative comments about your organization, give thanks for positive ones, and put a real face and personality to your cause.
3. Build community and momentum
Twitter is a great platform for micro-blogging. It’s like releasing mini press releases every few minutes on anything that is relevant or happening at your organization. A good rule of thumb for building a large audience: follow people with similar interests, and they will follow you back. Use a service like to track how many people click on your posted links.
4. Stay up-to-date on news and events
With so many people posting articles, meetups, and cool ideas, Twitter is a great way to know the latest happenings in your field. You can easily keep up with what your competitors are doing and where your customers or members are hanging out.
5. Case Study: CureTogether
CureTogether presented at the Health 2.0 conference at the end of April in Boston. While Faren was doing her awesome demo on stage, I was answering the audience’s tweets live. Here are some sample comments from the conference about CureTogether:
- @1samadams: a massive tip of the well done hat to @accarmichael & curetogether – power to the peeps!
- @ePatientDave: Liking what I’m seeing of CureTogether demo. Such a difference when patients themselves design it!
- @swisshealth20  demo – good statistical tools on Symptoms – Treatments – Causes – Related Conditions
- @DrGwenn: Cure together team scientists & patients of chronic dx.   now THAT’S 2.0! best of show?
And here’s a conversation that happened live, during the CureTogether demo:

- @Doctor_V: Examples of how curetogether has sped the research cycle for migraine?? If not, how would it??
- @accarmichael: @Doctor_V Research questions curetogether has opened up so far have been in comorbidities – what conditions occur with migraine?
- @Doctor_V: @accarmichael responded immediately to my question…thanks Alexandra
- @accarmichael: @Doctor_V You’re welcome! Thanks for the question :)

So Twitter is really an immediate, personal way of interacting with the community
of people you’re trying to reach with your message.

A great analysis of all the Health 2.0 Tweets was put together by Chris Hogg (@cwhogg).
He assembled his findings into a very cool slide presentation, below. Look for CureTogether
on slides 16 and 17.

How have you used Twitter to spread your message?
Are you inspired to give it a try?

View more presentations from Chris Hogg.

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2 Responses to “How to Use Twitter to Spread Your Message”

  1. Great post! So many people misunderstand twitter, and this message is very timely! I am copying this post to some friends who have yet to discover the benefits! Thanks again!

  2. Thanks Faren! Like any tool, Twitter can be used for good, for harm, or for time-wasting. :) It does have excellent applications for business and social activism though.

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