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Top 6 Upcoming Health Events

The air is buzzing. People are talking about health more than ever before, and it’s good news for patients. Technology is making it possible for patients to take an active role in “participatory medicine”, partnering with their doctors to decide on the best course of action for their health.

Over the next few months, these 6 events will bring together patients, researchers, doctors, and health enthusiasts. Discussions, partnerships, and innovations will emerge. Keep your eye on these, and attend if you can!


1. TEDMED – October 27-30, http://www.tedmed.comtedmed-logo2
The medical version of the legendary TED conferences. From the TEDMED site: “The fifth in a series created by Marc Hodosh and Richard Saul Wurman, TEDMED celebrates conversations that demonstrate the intersection and connections between all things medical and healthcare related: from personal health to public health, devices to design and Hollywood to the hospital.” This year’s speakers include Dean Kamen, Craig Venter, Sanjay Gupta and Goldie Hawn.


2. Transform – September 13-15,
A collaborative symposium at The Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation. From the Transform site: “Transform brings together a dynamic group of speakers and participants from inside and outside the health care industry to explore the intersections between human experience, health care delivery and new business models. Join us to imagine and create innovative ways to deliver a better health care experience in a 21st century world.”


3. Health 2.0 – October 6-7, http://www.health2con.compicture-5
Next-generation health companies and patient advocates converge. From the Health 2.0 site: “With more than a hundred speakers and hundreds of new healthcare demos and technologies on display on stage and in the exhibit hall, you’ll get a sweeping overview of the ways that information technology and the web are changing healthcare in areas from online search to health focused online communities and social networks.”


4. Web Strategies for Health Communication – July 19-24, http://webstrategiesforhealth.compicture-6
A new course by Dr. Lisa Gualtieri at Tufts University School of Medicine. From the Web Strategies site: “The Summer Institute on Web Strategies for Health Communication covers how to develop and implement a Web strategy to drive a health organization’s online presence, specifically the processes for selecting, using, managing, and evaluating the effectiveness of Web technologies for health communication.”


5. Singularity University – July-August, http://singularityu.orgpicture-3
Graduate studies program started by Ray Kurzweil and Peter Diamandis. From the Singularity University site: “Singularity University aims to assemble, educate and inspire a cadre of leaders who strive to understand and facilitate the development of exponentially advancing technologies and apply, focus and guide these tools to address humanity’s grand challenges.” Biotechnology and Medicine are two of the tracks they offer.


6. Regenstrief Conference – Sept 23-35,
An invitation-only unconference, but one to watch. From the Regenstrief site: “The theme for this year’s conference is Open Health Methodologies. Participants include: Clay Shirky (open source), Dr. Roni Zeiger (Google Health), and Mark Surman (Mozilla).”


If you aren’t able to attend, let us know what you think are the most important issues in health today and we’ll make sure to represent your ideas. Good things will come from all the buzz – the future of health care and health research is bright.

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One Response to “Top 6 Upcoming Health Events”

  1. Hello, and thanks for this listing! I wanted to make you and your followers aware of another important conference:

    The 11th Annual HealthCare Service Excellence Conference
    Inspiration to Lead… Solutions to Succeed: Leading the Healthcare Reform Revolution

    January 26 to 28, 2011 in New Orleans, Louisana

    Health care as we know it, is changing in front of us and the game changer is HCAHPS and Value-Based Purchasing.

    With less than 13 months to go to October 1, 2011, most hospitals in the United States are facing the dawning realization that excellence with their HCAHPS scores is no longer an option. It’s not an option because of financial penalties and bonuses that are pending. It’s not an option because it’s the right thing to do. It’s not an option because it makes them more competitive and never before has there been a greater need to succeed. That’s what this conference is all about – Solutions to Succeed. To succeed at World-Class Patient Experience as defined by HCAHPS; to succeed at world-class retention and morale and above all to succeed at achieving the mission and values of each of our organizations.

    With the most dynamic roster of speakers and special presentations ever, the 11th Annual Service Excellence Conference is simply a must-attend for every hospital executive. Schedule January 26-28, 2011 now!

    Thanks for an excellent site and forum!


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