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9 Most Effective Anxiety Treatments

For the interactive version of this infographic, click here.

1,303 people have spoken. Anxiety is the biggest community at CureTogether, and here’s what these brave people have to say.

The top right square of the infographic above shows the most popular, most effective treatments for anxiety. Exercise, therapy, breathing, meditation, yoga, avoiding caffeine, relaxation, massage – the non-invasive, simple alternative answers seem to work very well.

Drugs such as Alprazolam and Lorazepam were also reported as effective, but not as many people had tried them.

If you have anxiety, does this agree with your experience?

Where did this data come from? CureTogether members have been anonymously sharing symptoms and treatments for almost 2 years now. To thank everyone for their contributions, we’re releasing this result back to the community for free.

This is the fourth in a series of infographics we’ll be publishing over the coming weeks. Stay tuned and please give your feedback or thoughts on this result in the comments below – or write to me at

Please tweet, blog, or pass this along to anyone who can benefit or is interested in Anxiety. Thank you!

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8 Responses to “9 Most Effective Anxiety Treatments”

  1. Do you determine the effectiveness from your write-in/members comments or a combination of that and clinically-validated research?

  2. Hi Joe,

    Thanks for your question! Effectiveness is rated by patients – we have correlated it with clinical research in some cases on the blog (in looking at co-morbidities) but haven’t yet incorporated that throughout the site.

    Be well,

  3. I love what you are doing here! This kind of documentation is so rarely seen on the web. Thank you for the service you are providing us.

  4. When I first started having panic attacks, I definitely found that Lorazepam and eliminating caffeine were the two things that helped the most.

  5. What I find a welcome result is that most of those methods that are popular and effective are also natural and inexpensive.

  6. What were the results for relationship with animals? A good percentage uses it, but it is not on the graph. I know it helps me (besides Tranxene). However pets are expensive.

  7. Hi Merry,

    Thanks for your question! Spending time with animals is one of the unlabeled dots in the top right quadrant, so it is definitely reported as a popular and effective treatment. For live results of this chart, click here –

    Thanks and be well,

  8. [...] read more at; [...]

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