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7 Surprisingly Simple Treatments for Female Pain

For the interactive version of this infographic and some statistical geekery, click here.

Women walking around with no underwear?

No, this is not something from an adult site, it’s the treatment reported to be most effective in a live, online survey of 750 patients with vulvodynia (chronic vulvar pain) at CureTogether.

Yes, I also live with vulvodynia, like 18% of US women. And yes, I’ve definitely gone “free” on painful days – it’s not something a doctor ever told me, just something I found really helped.

So what are the 7 surprisingly simple treatments that patients have reported? From the infographic above:

no underwear, ice, physical therapy, “clitoral distraction”, rinsing with water after urination, going gluten-free, and doing Tai Chi

The top left quadrant shows treatments that not many people have tried but that have above-average effectiveness, so presumably if more people tried these, they would be helped (gluten-free diet, Tai Chi).

Treatments in the lower-right quadrant are ones that lots of people have tried but that have below-average effectiveness, so presumably if fewer people tried these, they would be free to find more effective treatments elsewhere (antibiotics, steroid cream).

Where did this data come from? CureTogether members have been anonymously sharing symptoms and treatments for almost 2 years now. We anonymized, analyzed, and visualized the data into infographic form to make it more accessible. To thank everyone for their contributions, we’re releasing this result back to the community for free.

This is the sixth in a series of infographics we’ll be publishing over the coming weeks. Stay tuned and please give your feedback or thoughts on this result in the comments below – or write to me at

Please tweet, blog, or pass this along to anyone who can benefit or is interested in Vulvodynia. Thank you!

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2 Responses to “7 Surprisingly Simple Treatments for Female Pain”

  1. Hi there,

    Hey this is one of the surprising news to be heard so far!


  2. Peggy Steele Says:

    This is my first time at the site. I have a few of the symptoms including pain during intercourse, slight bleeding after intercourse, pain after intercourse, dryness. I have had an edomedrial ablation and I am menopausal. Is there a place that I could find out what might be the most effective treatment for this group of symptoms without so much experimentation? I appreciate your help.


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