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New Feature: Talk to Your Closest Health Matches


Imagine being able to talk to someone who shares the same 7 conditions you have. What if they’re also your age? They could be going through the same thing every day that you do.

You start to wonder, is their experience the same as yours? Do they have the same symptoms? What treatments are they trying? Do they also have the same side effects as you?

In a new feature released at CureTogether this week, now you can not only find people that are your closest health matches, but you can send them a private message to ask them these questions. They can respond privately to you, and you can both choose what information to share with each other.

To start talking, just log in to CureTogether, and click on the “Connect” link on the right menu of your home page. You’ll see a list of people to connect with and a “Send a private message” button to click.

Please let us know how you like this new feature and how we can improve it. We hope it helps. Happy connecting!!

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8 Responses to “New Feature: Talk to Your Closest Health Matches”

  1. Great idea, but I would feel a bit awkward contacting an individual (or two). It would make better sense to be able to contact a group who share a similar profile.

  2. Thanks Chuck, that’s great feedback! So contacting a group might feel more comfortable than approaching an individual – that makes sense to me. I’ll see if we can add that in!
    Be well,

  3. Brilliant! What a perfect way to help people help each other. Well done, Alex.

  4. Thanks Matthew! :)

  5. [...] we’ve just added the ability to contact other members with conditions matching yours, so it’s more of a social network now than it has been, but we still keep the anonymity our [...]

  6. I also agree that a group situation would be more comfertable. I am having a hard time reaching out to an uknown…some sort of message board to share thought first then be able to contact some one if you feel a connection.

  7. Marilyn Dittmer Says:

    Can you tell me if LDN is good for Essential Tremor?

  8. also agree that asking questions of a group of similar people would be more comfortable than contacting anonymous strangers directly.

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