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Quantifying CureTogether

Yes, thank you to all our members who inspire us every day!! Here are some fun and amazing CureTogether facts, for those of you who like numbers:

1. This is our 100th blog post

2. We now have over 1 million data points

3. As of this minute, we have 13,502 awesome members in 112 countries

4. CureTogether has over 600 member-submitted health conditions

5. We’ve been live on the web for 820 days

6. Our top condition is Anxiety, with over 2,000 people reporting it

7. People have entered 2,657 different treatments they’ve tried, with Exercise being #1

8. Infographics have been released so far on effective treatments for 9 conditions

9. We’re still 2 people working from home, amazed at the power of bringing people together to share data and solve problems

10. What else do you want to know about CureTogether? Ask away in the comments below.

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4 Responses to “Quantifying CureTogether”

  1. Incredible, Alex. What might have blown me away most is #9. A big inspiration for my own Think, Try, Learn work. Thank you.

  2. Hooray, thanks Matthew! :) I’ve been enjoying your enthusiastic and inspiring participation in the Quantified Self and CureTogether blog-space.

  3. Wow – congratulations. Let’s do a CureTogether/QS anxiety experiment!!

  4. Thanks Gary, great idea! What would the experiment be?

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