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New Feature: Track Your Lab Test Results

We are excited to announce a new feature at CureTogether – tracking your lab test results!

Here are a few words about it from my co-founder Daniel Reda:


“As you all know, we initially built CureTogether to help people share their experience with thousands of symptoms and treatments in a structured, quantitative way across hundreds of conditions. We already had limited day-to-day tracking of health data and realized that extending this was going to provide the next level of insight to you.

So we decided to build a whole new infrastructure to help members input lab test results, and chart those over time so that you could observe trends not only in your self-reported data, but also more objective data coming from traditional lab tests.

We first made it so that members can input data manually – as there are far more people with printed lab test results at home than with digital PHRs. However, we built it so that if people request it, it can easily import data from PHRs such as Google Health or HealthVault via their respective APIs.

Above is a screenshot of the new “Lab tests” feature on CureTogether, which only has 2-3 data points for each lab test listed, but it supports any number of results you wish to enter. In addition, as with the rest of CureTogether, we’ve made it easy for any member to add new lab tests that we haven’t already listed.”


We hope you enjoy this new feature! Please let us know what you think below.

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3 Responses to “New Feature: Track Your Lab Test Results”

  1. Cool idea! Except now I have no excuse for not inputting all this paper data I have hanging around, do I?

    Damm ;)

    Will there be an ‘export my data as $standard_format’ type thing added? I hate locking up data!!

  2. Very, very cool. You can imagine an automated version of this (beaming results via IR to your iPhone, for example), though privacy concerns certainly come into play. Congratulations everyone!

  3. Hi Ricky,
    YES, the “download your own data” feature is in the works. Stay tuned!

    And thanks Matthew! :)


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