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Infertility-Asthma Link Confirmed

It’s time to start repeating some of our earlier studies to see if they hold up with the larger dataset we’ve now gathered in collaboration with our nearly 25,000 marvelous members.

The very first discovery we announced, back in September 2009, was an association between Infertility and Asthma. The 2009 finding was based on an analysis of 324 members, and revealed that members with Infertility were 1.9x more likely to report Asthma.

We just re-ran the analysis (15 months later), with data from 3,735 members (11.5x larger sample!) and we discovered that… the association still holds.



The gritty details: within the 253 people reporting infertility, 51 (20%) reported having asthma (the remaining 202 out of 253 specifically said they did NOT have asthma). Within the 3482 people reporting “no infertility”, 504 (14%) reported having asthma (the remaining 2978 specifically reported NOT having asthma).

This 20% vs. 14% relative risk is statistically significant with a 99% confidence interval of 1.1-1.8x. It’s a smaller effect size than our original discovery (1.4x instead of 1.9x), but demonstrates a level of consistency and robustness in the data being gathered.

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One Response to “Infertility-Asthma Link Confirmed”

  1. Did you check if there’s a correlation to any drugs they’re taking for asthma?

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