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New: Genetic Data Added to CureTogether Research


I read recently about the idea of a “data donor” – someone who decides to donate their data to disease research rather than the more customary financial contribution.

In the future, as people gather more and more information about themselves, and learn the value of this data, I think that data donorship will become widespread.

At CureTogether, we’ve just added the ability for our members to upload their 23andMe genetic data to add to the research we’re doing. People are already eagerly adding their genetic data, and once we have enough genomes, we can start making discoveries towards understanding how our genes influence what symptoms we have and what treatments work for us.

In the screenshot above, you can see the interface for uploading your 23andMe data. You may also notice some points and badges we’re testing out – but that’s a story for another post!

We want to deeply thank all of our data donors – your information does make a difference in helping people around the world feel better.

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