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Urinary Tract Infection: Antibiotics or Cranberry Juice?

An article came out this week in the New York Times reporting that antibiotics work better than cranberry juice at treating urinary tract infections. This finding came from a research study on 221 women published in The Archives of Internal Medicine.

We decided to look and see what the 1,303 people at CureTogether with UTIs had to say about this. Here’s what we found:

Our results agree with the study! Antibiotics rate as the #1 treatment for UTI, while cranberry juice rates near the bottom for effectiveness. Also, it’s worth noting that our study, while perhaps not as well controlled as the published study, was done at a tiny fraction of the cost, with more patients. And still came to the same conclusion.

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6 Responses to “Urinary Tract Infection: Antibiotics or Cranberry Juice?”

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  2. It would be interesting to know how antibiotics fare against a typical combination of natural treatments (just cranberry juice/extract alone is not typically recommended by Natural Medicine practitioners). For example: D-mannose, plenty of water, and cranberry extract. Additionally, dose DOES matter.

  3. Jesse the K Says:

    I’m not surprised that antibiotics and cranberry oppose each other on the chart. I take them both for opposite reasons: when I have an acute UTI, with the unhappy trio of pain, urgency, and frequency, I check in with my urologist and get antibiotics. When my urinary health is good, then I take cranberry pills to maintain the right bladder pH. Cranberry pills aren’t a treatment; they’re a preventive.

  4. I have succesfully used pure cranberry juice combined with Oil of Oregano and lots of water, to treat two UTI’s.

    Cranberry juice in water 3-4 times a day
    Oil of Oregano 3-4 times a day (3-5 drops under tongue)

    continue this for a full week.

  5. What can one do to prevent cystitis flare-ups?

  6. Lisa Ling Says:

    I don’t get frequent UTI’s. I’m 52 and I’ve had maybe 3 infections. The first one was in my 20′s and I went to the Dr for it.
    The 2nd one was about 3 or 4 years ago. I despise going to the Dr, so I tried the Lady Soma Cranberry Concentrate. It took several days, but the infection finally went away.


    My last infection was a few months ago and again I turned to the Lady Soma Cranberry Concentrate. It took longer to clear the infection the last time, but I was determined not to make a trip to the dreaded Dr’s office.
    Really does work. I keep it on hand now so if I get another UTI, I can start treatment immediately.

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