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Bipolar Managed Best Without Drugs: 227 Patients Report

For the live-updated, interactive version of this infographic, click here.

We’re excited to announce the very first results of our ongoing study of Bipolar Disorder. At CureTogether, 227 people with Bipolar came together to rate 31 treatments. When we gather 1,000 treatment ratings for a condition, we publish an infographic, and Bipolar has just crossed that threshold.

The results seem to say it’s best managed without drugs, except Lamictal seems to work quite well.

Patients rate regimented sleep, reduced alcohol, and exercise as helpful for their symptoms, as well as yoga, mindfulness meditation, and Lamictal (see the top of the green part of the chart). They Prozac, Geodon, and Cymbalta as making their symptoms worse. (see the bottom of the red part of the chart above.)

The top 10 overall treatments reported for Bipolar are, as a list:

1. Regimented sleep schedule
2. Exercise
3. Reduce alcohol
4. Yoga
5. Mindfulness meditation
6. Lamictal
7. Sunlight
8. Psychotherapy
9. Self-tracking
10. Small, frequent meals


The rest of the results are in the graph above, which is divided into four squares…

- Top right: the most popular and effective treatments

- Top left: effective treatments that not many people have tried, so they may be options to think about

- Lower right: very popular but not very effective

- Lower left: neither popular nor effective


Where did this data come from? This is the result of a 3-year CureTogether study on Bipolar DisorderTo thank everyone for participating, we’re publishing this study openly and freely.

This is part of our regular series of research findings. Of course, with each of these findings, there is a potential bias in patient self-selection and recall. We present these findings as just what they are – patient-reported data – to stimulate discussion and generate new insights for further research.

Please tweet, blog, or pass this along to anyone who can benefit or is interested in Bipolar. Thank you!

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