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About CureTogether

Imagine patients around the world coming together to share quantitative information on over 500 medical conditions. They talk about sensitive symptoms and compare which treatments work best for them. They track their health. New research discoveries are made based on the patient-contributed data. This is happening at CureTogether, and we believe it can have a massive global impact.

Alexandra Carmichael and Daniel Reda launched CureTogether in July 2008 to help the people they knew and the millions they didn’t who live in daily chronic pain. Starting with 3 conditions, it quickly expanded as people wrote in to request that their conditions be added to this ongoing study. CureTogether is a social business, currently funded by its founders and angel investment, and has partnered with several universities and research organizations.

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“Could we cure diseases faster, or at least better control them, through crowd-sourcing?”


The Quantified Self “A leader in building tools for self-tracking”

“Empowering patients”

Boing Boing

“Fascinating stuff.”
Citizen Science Projects “Extremely promising… You can bet I’m joining this project.”

“Patients learn from patients ‘A significant advance in what sites are doing’”

Wall Street Journal

“Some of the new data collectors hope to make better decisions about their activities and improve their quality of life.”

“What CureTogether’s data can do is give us all the signals we need to figure out new uses of treatments that we might not have ever considered… Moreover, beyond helping show which treatments are most effective, it can also show which are not at all effective.” “Patients suffering with the daily pain of medical conditions now have a place to go share information and resources with other patients and researchers… CureTogether’s service reflects an emerging social networking trend to help patients share and understand their data.”
The Body Chronic Blog “This site is sorely needed. Too often there is a disconnect between the researchers and the people affected by the research. Sign up and get involved! The only way we can hope to achieve progress is to make that progress ourselves.”
Mad Peach blog “CureTogether is a great resource for a mystery condition such as vulvodynia — it enables sufferers to compare symptoms and treatments, expanding the knowledge base from doctors and vulvodynia literature to include patients themselves. And honestly, I think I’ve learned more about vulvodynia and interstitial cystitis reading about patients’ experiences than I have from any other source. Kudos to CureTogether!”

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