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Winner of Amgen Patients | Choices | Empowerment Competition Emerging Star of HealthCare Engagement Award
Mayo Clinic Award - LeftA winner of the Mayo Clinic iSpot Competition for Ideas that will Transform HealthcareMayo Clinic Award - R

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“Ushering in a new paradigm of patient empowerment and creating new models for clinical research.”
-!, How CureTogether Enables Patients to Drive Medical Innovation


“A step toward personalized health care, one that leans more on data sets than expert opinions.”
- Philadelphia Inquirer, Answers from the Crowd

“Imagine if your body and my body are malfunctioning in the same way. Now, what if we found a thousand other people in the same boat… Could we help each other feel better? Could sharing our health data with each other help us figure out which treatments to try? If we got enough people together, could we even do our own medical research studies?”
- Shareable Magazine, Sharing Effective Treatments for Depression


“Clinical trials usually impose stringent criteria, excluding people who have conditions or take medications other than the one being studied. But self-tracking studies often include such people, so their pool of participants may better reflect the actual patient population.”
- MIT Technology Review, The Measured Life

“People can experiment with traditional and alternative therapies to find what works for them. [This] information is already informing new research and drug development.”
- Financial Times, Invasion of the Body Hackers

“Imagine finding someone who shares seven conditions with you and being able to ask one another private questions. CureTogether provides a place to connect and to avoid needless suffering.”
- Amgen Foundation Contributions Report 2010

“Acreditamos que o paciente deve deixar de ser mero passageiro e se tornar o condutor responsável de sua saúde”
- Estadao/MSN Brazil, Interatividade na web transforma modo de atuar de pacientes e médicos


“Increasingly important tool for patients and providers alike to validate or discredit certain drugs or devices.”
- Healthcare IT News, Patients want more user-friendly medical devices

“Patient voices can be elevated to not only direct their own health and healthcare, but to influence development of new treatments… Everyone wins when patients are empowered instead of overwhelmed.”
- Quintiles, The New Health Report

“Simple web service that allows individuals to track and share their treatments and symptoms… a new social context for a different kind of health care industry”
- The Health Care Blog, The Quantified Self and the Future of Health Care


“Inspiring and innovative… . [this] will help patients make decisions with confidence and clarity, in concert with people who care and can help. This is exactly the kind of initiative that will lead to empowered patients and collaborative solutions at every stage of health care and treatment.”
- Amgen Foundation President Jean Lim

“Giving new meaning to patient empowerment… We’re talking about a brand new space here – leveraging online communities for new research paradigms.”
- The Fifth Conference, How CureTogether Enables Patients to Drive Medical Innovation

“A cultural shift is happening… with patient engagement websites like CureTogether”
- Fierce Biotech IT, Necessity driving leery pharma “open”


“In [this] health-related monitoring, the addition of others who are also self-tracking similar factors, or diseases, or treatments, can exponentially increase the value of tracking for all.”
- Kevin Kelly, The Technium, Self-Tracking? You Will

“Cool new technology… It can predict the likelihood of a person suffering from a disorder and suggest possible diagnoses and treatments. It also puts those suffering from conditions in touch with each other.”
-, Possible’s Richman Talks Healthcare Tech


“Thoroughly impressed and intrigued with what [CureTogether is] doing around patient empowerment.”
- Pulse + SignalDiscussions with Patient Empowerment Changemakers: CureTogether

“Patients come together and rate what really helps and what doesn’t to make them feel better.”
-, Patients Joined in Doing their Own Research


“Illustrates how healthcare engagement is changing: not only empowering patients to share experiences with each other, but to develop their own evidence base.”
- Creation Healthcare, CureTogether: Emerging Star of Healthcare Engagement Award

“This systemization of grassroots health reporting is yielding new hypotheses for cross-disease connections that traditional medical research is not nimble enough to pursue or validate.”
- Institute for the Future, When Everything Is Programmable: Life in a Computational Age

“Revolutionizing the doctor-patient relationship and creating new opportunities for medical research.”
- The Fifth Conference, 10 Top Innovation Trends by 100 Innovators

“Open-source clinical trials, so you can see which do-it-yourself experiments work.”
- Newsweek, The World’s Best Guinea Pig



“This is social medicine  - the data is more powerful and easier to use than traditional clinical trials.”
- TechCrunch, Keen on… Tim Ferriss: How to Turn Your Body Into a Startup

“Think you’re alone with a condition? Chances are you’ll find dozens of others with the same problem on CureTogether.”
- The Blog of Tim Ferriss, The Value of Self-Experimentation

“Clever, crowd sourced health site… pioneering”
- Funimalist, Life As Experiment

“Inspired… Amazing”
- Dodson and Ross, How to Heal Your Vulvodynia

“Having known pain, it’s pretty hard to be indifferent to the suffering of others.”
- Elephant Journal, The Gifts of Illness


“Cool and useful… Instead of being isolated in your own condition, you can now see what has worked for others.”
- Slate, Data for a Better Planet

“Global impact… changing lives… treasure trove of information.”
- The Daily Crowdsource, Crowdsourcing helps patients find quantitative real-world data on ailments


“CureTogether’s growing database of medical information is great for patients, researchers and medical professionals. But how can we democratize this to make it accessible to people in the developing world?”
- MIT’s Innovations in International Health Lab, Crowd-sourced Health Management

“Powerful… Members get unique advice, daily encouragement and the opportunity to contribute to something of major importance.”
- Cognitive Design blog, Quantitative Crowdsourcing Disrupts Healthcare?

“Imagine if the cure for cancer came from crowd-sourced citizen science.”
- National Post, The Quantified Self: Self Tracking Your Every Move

“Und es hat auch niemand für sie bezahlt: Sie sind das Ergebnis Hunderter emsiger Eingaben von Internetnutzern, die ihre Daten auf der Seite zusammengetragen haben und die anschließend statistisch bearbeitet wurden.
Die Zeit, Offene Daten sind gut für die Gesundheit


“A role model making great strides in citizen science… a platform for people to share and track their health data, resulting in significant improvement in thousands of lives.”
- Make Magazine, Citizen Science: CureTogether — crowdsourced health management

“The largest available real-world comparative effectiveness database available to patients online… patients are helping each other, helping research go forward into their conditions and helping themselves.”
- Free-Range Communication, health engagement, privacy and the quantified self

“Scientists and medical professionals have embraced the potential of crowd-sourced data, and have used it as an example of the future of healthcare.  Doctors enjoy seeing their patients taking a proactive role in their healthcare.  And patients have access to aggregated data on hundreds of chronic conditions … for free.”
- Ashoka’s Changemakers Idea exChange, Meet our Early-Entry Winner: CureTogether

“Exploding community… on the forefront of user-generated health care.”
- Women’s Health Magazine, Feel Sick? Click Here


“Sugerencias que difícilmente saldrán de la boca de un médico.”
- El EspectadorCon internet, los pacientes se toman el poder

“Feasibility and Reliability of Internet Crowdsourcing Data Collection with Dermatologic Quality of Life Assessment Tools”
- National Eczema Association, Clinical Research Trial Listings

“A leader in the self-tracking data movement and the way health decisions are made using the power of the crowd.”
- Matthew Cornell, An interview with Alexandra Carmichael

“Patients with chronic conditions are turning more and more often to their peers instead of (or optimally, in addition to) the medical community for guidance.”
- Dash of Madness, SXSW Panel Picker Guide – Will Online Patient Communities Replace Primary Care?


“People can help each other live better by sharing data and experiences.”
- Zeology, Collective Wisdom for a Good Night’s Sleep

“A pioneer in empowering patients to track their health data and contribute to “open source” research.”
- Pfizer Think Science Now, ePatients and Clinical Trials

“Scientific discoveries will increasingly come from non-traditional sources – everyday, educated people taking research into their own hands.”
- Institute for the Future, What If Your Genetics Defined Your Community?


“Innovative, user-friendly, straightforward, clearly gaining traction in the wider world. Congratulations!”
-, Patient Communities… at Walgreens?

“This is exactly this kind of patient centered research that has real potential for improving the body of knowledge, influencing the direction of clinical research, and ultimately improving health outcomes.”
- Finding Optimism, Cure Together – Treatments for Depression


“Could we cure diseases faster, or at least better control them, through crowd-sourcing?”
- The New York Times, When Patients Meet Online, Are There Side Effects?

“Engaged patients take charge… pushing research forward through their data sharing.”
- Free-Range Communication, 5 reasons to take employee wellness social

“It is inspiring the see the possibilities of open sharing”
-, The Decision Tree: How Better Health Can Scale


“Once you start gathering data, recording the dates, toggling the conditions back and forth while keeping careful records of the outcome, you gain a tremendous advantage.”
- The New York Times,  The Data-Driven Life

“Amazing community-sourced research”
- Health Management Rx, New CureTogether Research: Exercise “Popular and Effective” for Treating Depression…

“What CureTogether’s data can do is give us all the signals we need to figure out new uses of treatments that we might not have ever considered… Moreover, beyond helping show which treatments are most effective, it can also show which are not at all effective.”
- Dose of Digital, Your Choice: Your Privacy or Your Life


“People living with chronic disease who go online are finding resources that are more useful than the rest of the population.”
- The New York Times, Social Networks a Lifeline for the Chronically Ill

“Very useful… [to] help you make better decisions about your health.”
- makeuseof, CureTogether: Comparing, Tracking & Managing Your Health Online

“Agile… this nifty application will let you manage most aspects of you health by allowing you to keep track of how you are feeling over time.”
- KillerStartups, – Making Healthcare Accessible


“Social Network of the Week”
- ZDNet, Enterprise 2.0 gets Quick’n'Dirty

“The quantitative data at CureTogether enables decision support and hypothesis generation. People are getting ideas for new treatments that they ask their doctors about. They are seeing how common or rare their symptoms are, and learning what triggers might be affecting them. While each individual’s data is completely private, the aggregate data is open for researchers around the world to analyze and use to make discoveries for the greater good.”
- H+ Magazine, Self Tracking: The Quantified Life is Worth Living

“Patients are beginning to generate and report their own personal health data… This longitudinal healthstream will become a valuable asset for the patient, and will increase in value with each added data point.”
- Citizen Medicine, Completing the Picture: The Value of User-Generated Health Data Streams

“A very cool open-source health research site… straightforward and informative… it was so exciting to stumble upon CureTogether, where knowledge truly is power.”
- BeltLife blog, Open Source Health Research –

“Collaborative insight… a true middle path—one that has a grounding in science, yes, but also an understanding that we ordinary folk tend to look to each other, rather than textbooks or research papers, for advice on how to lead and improve our lives.”
- The Decision Tree, Is Self-Guided Research Dangerous to Your Health?


“A revolutionary venture”
- The Calculist, Generation Q

“[CureTogether] shortens the decision tree considerably… The information is robust enough that the site has actually advanced research into vulvodynia and several other conditions.”
- Wired Magazine, The Decision Tree: How Smarter Choices Lead to Better Health



“For an individual family, health 2.0 means better information, support for a child with a rare disease, medication reminders for a busy family, integration with hospital records so you have better access to all your medical information.”
Customer Think,  Health 2.0 and Social Networks – what CRM can learn from Health 2.0


“Eventually, CureTogether will be able to do much more than find links between diseases. It will be able to identify which drugs are most effective for certain patients, which side effects are most common for specific people, and which combinations of treatments are most effective. It’s basically a crude, but potentially highly accurate, personalized medicine tool.”
Dose of DigitalCan Social Media Improve Your Health and Save Your Life?


“Much like Yelp, but its members review remedies, instead of restaurants and barber shops. It allows anyone who is facing a tough medical decision to draw upon the experience of crowds… may be a better source of information than some peer-reviewed literature.”
- Wired Science, Ask Strangers for Medical Advice


“Started by some very, very, very smart scientists.”
The Blog of Tim FerrissTim Ferriss and Kevin Rose – Random Episode 2

“This has the potential to be a great networking system for those just diagnosed with an illness, especially those who are not ready to connect publicly through a face-to-face support group.”
- Science Cheerleader,  Need answers about swine flu or allergies? CureTogether!


“If enough people living with pain came together to track themselves and compare notes, we would be a lot closer to understanding these conditions. And stopping the pain.”
- Quantified Self, Stop the Pain! Self-Tracking Migraines and a Live Research Study

“Very interesting concept… a live collaborative research project.”
- ScienceRoll, Collaborative Research with Patients: Migraine Treatments


“At the forefront of crowdsourced healthcare… going to have a positive effect on healthcare as we move toward a more patient-centered system.”
Pharma 2.0curetogether via crowdsourced healthcare


“On the threshold of a very interesting phenomenon because the information you collect from a few thousand or tens of thousands could really change the way we provide care for millions.”
The Health Care BlogOpen Source Health Research

“Better living through extensive self-measurement.”
- GOOD, The Quantified Self: You Are Your Data

“a. If you measure yourself over time, you’ll learn valuable things about your health.
b. If you compare your measurements with those of others, you’ll learn even more.
c. If we gather and analyze data from thousands of people, we’ll discover new approaches for diagnosing, managing and treating disease.”
- MarketIntellNow, Interview with CureTogether


“CureTogether is a great resource for a mystery condition such as vulvodynia — it enables sufferers to compare symptoms and treatments, expanding the knowledge base from doctors and vulvodynia literature to include patients themselves. And honestly, I think I’ve learned more about vulvodynia and interstitial cystitis reading about patients’ experiences than I have from any other source. Kudos to CureTogether!”
Mad Peach,  Online Research Study – Vulvodynia



“One of the most innovative sites on the World Wide Doctor’s Office”
- BusinessWeek, Health2.0: Patients on Social Networks

“A leader in building tools for self-tracking”
- Quantified Self, The New Examined Life – Self-Tracking Story in WSJ

“Fascinating stuff”
- Boing Boing, Daily tracking of 40 things about yourself


“Very promising”
- Crowdsourcing, Crowdsourcing Medical Expertise Part Two: Reader Comments


“Bringing together patients and scientists to create an open-source health research system… Looks promising.”
- ScienceRoll, CureTogether: Patients and Researchers


“Patients suffering with the daily pain of medical conditions now have a place to go share information and resources with other patients and researchers.”
-, Patients and researchers collaborate to find medical cures

“This site is sorely needed. Too often there is a disconnect between the researchers and the people affected by the research… This is just a brilliant platform!”
- The Body Chronic, A Great New Resource: CureTogether