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February 7th, 2010 |  Back PainNatural HealthResearch

Making better health decisions has never been easier thanks to the wealth of knowledge out there on the Internet. However, filtering through all that information and determining the reliability of sources and recommendations is often a daunting task that leads to hours of comparing pros and cons — which is why it was so exciting to stumble upon CureTogether, where knowledge truly is power.

A very cool open-source health research site, CureTogether empowers patients by creating a place for people to anonymously come together to self-report symptoms and treatments that have or haven’t worked for them, with the goal of helping others make more informed treatment decisions and contribute data to research. And if your condition isn’t listed, you can simply write in a request to add it to ongoing studies. Straightforward and informative, all you need to do to get started is search for a particular condition or ailment bothering you. Then, you can immediately review the most common symptoms, causes, treatments and related conditions and see how all of these apply to you. It’s about time we were connecting and collaborating about health as we do about so much else, so this is a great step on the web for taking personal health into our own hands and improving our quality of life.

Here’s what a quick search for back pain has produced:

Back Pain Symptoms

Notice that stretching, hot packs and exercise are reported as the three most effective treatments and nine out of ten are non-pharmacological, natural solutions.

Back Pain Treatments

Back Pain Causes

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