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When Everything Is Programmable: Life in a Computational Age

Quantified Self: Your Body as a Health Data System

People are applying sensors, social networks, and online data repositories to view their biological processes and behav- ioral patterns through the lens of data. Using a mix of medical, athletic, and diy self-tracking technologies, they collect, analyze, and compare information about sleep habits, disease symptoms, caloric intake, mood, and other personal states. these early practitioners of self-surveillance point toward a future where our devices and environments will continuously monitor our lives in great detail. the resulting data streams will create a potent network for grassroots R&d and help us reprogram our lives for better health, work, and social relationships.

CURETOGETHER (Socialized Self-Improvement)

CureTogether is a platform for aggregated, self-reported data. The site brings a systems approach to sharing health information online with a framework that “unpacks” diseases and conditions into discrete symptoms, treatments, and causes. Users of the service indicate which of these components they’ve tried or experienced and rate the effectiveness or severity. This system- ization of grassroots health reporting is yielding new hypotheses for cross-disease connections that traditional medical research is not nimble enough to pursue or validate.

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